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  • Cancelled: June 8th, 2016
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Tired of the same old news and information hyped up with fear? Well, so are we!

The Chris Geo Show is brought to you by veteran broadcasters Chris and Sheree Geo who take you beyond the geo-political spectrum and into topics and ideas others don't dare to touch.

There is a war being waged on the physical, psychological and spiritual planes and it is important to decode today's current events by removing the blinders and widening our perception to the broader reality. Without a full understanding of every level of the grand deception, we cannot fully understand the geo-political events unfolding today, therefore it is important to harness the power of critical thought, personal sovereignty and spiritual awareness.

Fear is the mind killer.

For years we've been conditioned to believe we are weak and insignificant creatures incapable of making a change in the world and that impending doom is lurking just around the corner. This has kept us in a perpetual state of fear and through our engineered reactions we are collectively manipulated to create crises that benefit corporate and political interests at the expense of We The People. It is time to break away from these chains and truly free ourselves by reaching our full potential and realizing that the leader is staring us in the mirror every single day.

The Chris Geo Show breaks down all paradigms with analysis of current events from multiple angles while at the same time empowering the listener with the tools needed to stare down the tribulations of our time and emerge the victor. With the help of world renowned authors, speakers, teachers, film makers, actors, celebrities, political pundits and more, Chris and Sheree Geo not only leave their listeners well educated, informed and up to date but also empowered with educated perspectives and (most importantly) solutions.