• Elizabeth Warren is the clear Democrat front runner
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    Elizabeth Warren is the clear Democrat front runner For better or worse, it seems clear that Senator Elizabeth Warren is the frontrunner to become the Democratic nominee in the 2020 election against President Trump. It’s not just me saying it. Pretty much every website that covers politics says it too. And the other candidates certainly believe it, because on Tuesday evening (the 15th of October) at the CNN debate they all went after Warren the way you do when there is an obvious front runner. Most of it didn’t stick, although I do think Warren needs to answer some specific questions about her Medicare plan as in, who’s…
    Written on 10/18/2019 @ 10:40pm in Politics
  • Democrats vs. Republicans is political language devised to divide the American people!
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    Just last week, I again heard this president talking of our purified democracy. Democracy, Mr. President? Really? When did we become a democracy? Over and over again and administration after administration, Americans have been continually inundated with this sort of propaganda coming from those who should know the difference (Hosea 4:6). To say that we are a democracy shows the very pith and marrow of the ignorance that is on a daily display coming from those who are to uphold our enumerated laws found in our constitutional republican form of government. Architect of the First Amendment Fisher Ames said: “A…
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  • Teen suicide rates soaring. Is vaping and nicotine dependency a cause?
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    Teen suicide rates soaring. Is vaping and nicotine dependency a cause? The CDC reported this week that teen suicide rose 58% over the years 2007-2017 in the age group 10-24. Although many experts blame social media and teen drug use, one theory may need to be considered: nicotine withdrawal from vaping. Millions of middle school and high school students admit to vaping…and many more are assumed who don’t admit to it when surveyed. So we have an underestimation of how many adolescents take regular hits of their electronic cigarette, exposing them to the powerful, addictive nicotine. One pod, placed in an electronic cigarette to be vaped, contains as much nicotine as…
    Written on 10/17/2019 @ 9:14pm in Health
  • Dumb kids and Che Guevara
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    Dumb kids and Che Guevara Let’s say that all you knew about Adolf Hitler was that he painted scenic pictures, postcards, and houses in Vienna, loved dogs and named his adorable German Shepard “Blondie,” and frequently expressed solidarity with “the people.” You might sport a T-shirt adorned with his image if you thought such a charismatic chap was also good-looking in a beret. But your education would be widely regarded as incomplete. If you later found out that the guy on your T-shirt was a mass murderer, you might ask your oppression studies professor why she left out a few important details. This hypothetical resembles…
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  • Making Biden's kid wealthy
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    My father was a big shot in the worlds of engineering and education. He retired as the Dean of the College of Engineering at Bradley University after a years long career, producing hundreds of engineers for companies like Caterpillar. One of those young engineers was NOT me. If I had come to his office one day, when I was still in college, and told my father that Caterpillar had hired me for (this was the 70s) say a mere $20,000 a month in an unspecified position with unspecified responsibilities he would have come unglued. He would NOT have been proud…
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  • Baseball’s greatest lefthander ever
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    Baseball’s greatest lefthander ever Monday, April 4, 2016, the greatest sportscaster ever began his 67th and final season. Don’t take the word of two life-long Dodger fans that 88-yearold Vin Scully, the Voice of Da Bums since 1950, is the best. His awards and recognitions are way too numerous to list, so here are the greatest highlights. The American Sportscasters Association named him Sportscaster of the Century in 2000 and first on its all-time Top- 50 list later. Numerous halls of fame, a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, etc. The reasons for that extend from his encyclopedic knowledge of the game and technical…
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  • Hirelings in the pulpits of American churches are teaching sheep to submit to wolves in government who are seeking to devour
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    I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs. -Fredrick Douglass former slave, abolitionist Just recently, while speaking at an event, I heard a preacher ask the question to the congregants why, in the state that America is in today, it is that ministries such as Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Pat Robertson etc have not taken to the streets in protest concerning corruption within the government (Matthew 16:17-19). Many of these national ministries are put up to keep the people down (1 Kings 13:33). The fruit proves the seed (Matthew 7:16). In fact, they…
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  • Health risks from wildfire smoke
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    Health risks from wildfire smoke As thousands of acres burn in Southern California, those residents lucky enough to escape the flames worry what consequences could result in inhaling the smoke. What is in wildfire smoke? According to the EPA, smoke emanating from forest and community fires may include any of the following: Carbon monoxide, which competes with oxygen in the blood Carbon dioxide, a respiratory byproduct Wood particles Formaldehyde Acrolein – used as a pesticide Benzene Plastics, and those byproducts after incineration and thousands of different respiratory irritants. According to the EPA, Smoke is composed primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor,carbon monoxide, particulate matter, hydrocarbons…
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  • Medicare hypocrisy for all
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    Medicare hypocrisy for all Ever since Senator Bernie Sanders made “Medicare for All” (M4A) the centerpiece of his campaign, it has attracted support, and others have joined the bandwagon. In a Kaiser Family Foundation poll earlier this year, 56 percent of respondents and 81 percent of Democrats backed “a national health plan, sometimes called Medicare for all,” which has been used to assert a mandate for M4A. Medicare’s Unfunded Liability Since exactly what M4A details (where the devil lurks) are less than crystal clear, and even the best-articulated versions are more like political talking points than complete plans, backed by questionable, if not provably…
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  • "No treason, no bribery, no criminal conduct"
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    Oooooh…The President said “Bullshit” in a tweet as a description of Adam Schiff’s and Nancy Pelosi’s actions in the latest kafuffle regarding his phone call with the President of the Ukraine. That’s a comment even Schiff can understand. And at least two of the three broadcast TV news divisions could not resist mentioning it. This is nuts. You want an enemy of the people? Just watch the evening news. Even during the dog days of Viet Nam it wasn’t this bad. ABC and CBS should be ashamed. Most of these clowns cannot see or admit that something smells, even when…
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