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Saturday, 02 December 2017 18:22

The Power Hour welcomes a new host

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Edit: A previous version of this story stated that the Power Hour moved to a new time slot but that was an error. The Power Hour remains in the 7-10am time slot.


Starting Monday December 4th, The Power Hour - GCN’s long running morning show welcomes its brand new host -- Dr. Joanne Conaway.  


Dr. Conaway, a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years service under her belt (U.S. Air Force and Air Force Reserves) is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of the book, "Why Is America So Sick? Linking Digestive Health to Immunity and Hormonal Issues."


Dr. Conaway’s started her career as a nurse earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 1976. Her experience is in ER and Trauma Nursing, Operating Room and Critical Care, Infection Control, Cardiac Care, Nursing Education and Management. She spent several years doing specialized Nutritional Support Nursing. During those years, she cared for people who could no longer eat by mouth, receiving all their nutrition intravenously or by tube feeding. This experience sparked her passion for helping people understand the importance of a healthy diet and a healthy digestive system.


Dr. Conaway’s presents a unique perspective on what it takes to be healthy in a world filled with the conventional medical and Big Pharma philosophies. She and her guests share an all-natural approach to health and wellness, not the sickness-care approach so prevalent in today’s healthcare industry. In her mind, "prevention" and "early detection" are not remotely the same thing and Dr. Conaway's approach is truly prevention. With her unrelenting mission to find the latest real-world information that supports her philosophy and her approach to body, mind, and spirit; she shares what she learns and helps listeners understand how to “get it right.”


Program information, list of affiliate stations and archives for previous Power Hour shows can be found here.