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Saturday, 13 October 2018 18:47

Law Enforcement Today: Now live on GCN

The Genesis Communication Network welcomes Law Enforcement Today to the family. Join host John “Jay” Wiley, radio DJ and retired Baltimore Police Sergeant, and guests as they discuss a wide range of issues affecting active, retired, former law enforcement officers, their families, friends and all the communities they serve.

Law Enforcement Today is a talk show that offers a realistic truthful portrayal of law enforcement officers to counter the mostly negative portrayals in the media. Background song Hurricane used by permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer, get more information about them and their music on their website, www.darkhorseflyer.com.

The Law Enforcement Today Radio Show is a new and unique radio show where their format  is similar to police investigation shows that are so popular on television.

Law Enforcement Today doesn’t take a confrontational “us against them” approach. They provide a show that contains the perspectives and experiences of active, retired law enforcement officers, their family members and those involved in groups that support law enforcement officers and their families.

They broadcast live on Saturday morning from 1:00 am - 3:00 am here on GCN.


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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 15:53

Charley Jones comes to GCN

Charley Jones Overnight comes to GCN. Broadcasting Thursday - Sunday from 11:00 pm - 2:00 am (central) time.


Charley Jones, a native Texan, has enjoyed a 40 year radio career entirely within in the Dallas/Fort Worth radio market.    


Conversant with and passionate about the American Revolution, world history and global affairs, Jones majored in History at the University of Texas Arlington before landing his first radio job at one of America’s premier rock stations, KZEW-FM, The Zoo, in Dallas, Texas.


In 1980 he met Janel, the station's new music director, who soon became his wife.  For almost four decades they’ve loved worked together in radio, traveling the world, and becoming the proud parents of two outstanding children.  


Following the Zoo, the couple was chosen to become original air staff at a newly created  jazz / new age station - KOAI-FM, The Oasis in Dallas.  Charley signed on as the news director, Janel became the music director and both hosted top-rated shows.


In 1992 Jones got the “tap on the shoulder” he’d always anticipated: he was selected to join the Texas State Network where he would host Texas Overnight for the next 25 years.


Jones was honored to be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and the Texas Panhandle Hall of Fame.  He was a political commentator for CBS television and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and was  the winner of the Vivian Castleberry Award presented by the Association for Women Journalists.


Charley treasures time with his wife, their grown children, new grandchildren and lifelong friends. He also enjoys solitary pursuits such as riding his motorcycles, honing his skills at the shooting range, and watching the dark Texas skies through his telescopes.


Combining the benefits from those pursuits with his interest in people, dialogue and a voracious appetite for current events provides Jones with the mental and emotional edge required to host Charley Jones Overnight - only on GCN.


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Saturday, 21 April 2018 18:39

The Wayne Allyn Root show joins GCN

Wayne Allyn Root (aka WAR) is a high energy, passionate, dynamic, outspoken and (just like President Donald J. Trump) fiery, combative, unapologetic, in-your-face, conservative-Libertarian warrior and freedom fighter. He has been branded by media across the globe as “the conservative warrior” and “capitalist evangelist.” Wayne is a former Presidential candidate and the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee.


And now, Genesis Communication Network (GCN) is proud to partner with USA Radio to nationally syndicate, "WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show," broadcasting Monday-Friday from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm (central).


Wayne’s national TV show "WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show" airs nightly on Newsmax TV to 50 million homes at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. You can watch on DirecTV Channel 349, Dish TV Channel 216, on cable carriers across the USA such as Verizon Fios, AT&T U-verse, CenturyLink and at Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube or NewsmaxTV.com.


Wayne has enjoyed great success in many diverse fields. He was opening speaker at many Donald J. Trump presidential campaign events. He appears regularly in the national media- including Fox News. He has defended President Trump on television in over 20 countries across the globe- including regularly in Israel. He represented candidate Donald J. Trump in a USA Today commentary. He was chosen to present the Tea Party State of the Union response on national television in 2016 (the only person ever chosen who was not a US Senator, Congressperson or former Presidential candidate).


Wayne's is the National Politics Opinion Columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, the 16th largest newspaper in America. Wayne's columns are often chosen for national headlines by RealClearPolitics.com, as well as the top conservative websites in America such as Fox News, Breitbart, Forbes, Daily Caller, Town Hall, TheGatewayPundit, Personal Liberty, WorldNetDaily, Washington Times and many others.


Wayne is a former anchorman and host of five shows on CNBC. He is one of the most successful reality television creators and producers in America. His TV shows have been hits on many diverse television networks. And he is the author of 11 books- including national bestsellers “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” “Millionaire Republican” “The Conscience of a Libertarian” “The Murder of the Middle Class” “Angry White Male” and the #1 business bestseller “The Power of RELENTLESS" endorsed by President Donald J. Trump.


Wayne was honored with a 180-pound star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. He hosts his national radio and TV shows from Las Vegas.


"You’re in the right place...Opportunity is knocking, and Wayne Root will show you how to seize it. He knows how to be tenacious and relentless—and how to win!"

-- Donald J. Trump, President of the United States


The Wayne Alynn Root show is now live on GCN.



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Since his start at GCN in Jan, 2012, Steve Sanchez has been one of GCN’s most popular weekend show hosts. Steve’s schedule has always remained the same - live Sunday evening from 9:00 pm - midnight (Central) with an encore rebroadcast the following Saturday morning from 9:00 am - noon but that’s about to change.

The Steve Sanchez Show will continue to broadcast live Sunday night, same time, with an encore rebroadcast every Saturday morning but Steve is adding additional M-F timeslots.

Starting on January 8th The Steve Sanchez Show will begin to air one hour live M-F from 8:00 pm -9:00 pm (Central).

For those of you not familiar with Steve Sanchez he is, obviously, a radio talk show host but he is also a financial advisor and political commentator. For 25 years, Steve has been engaging the public with a "CONSTITUTION IN ONE HAND AND A BIBLE IN THE OTHER!" His Real, Raw, Relevant talk has the ear of Baby Boomer's, the GEN-Xers and the Millennials. In 2013 Steve was ranked #45 (of 50) in Talkers Magazine’s yearly, “Frontier Fifty List,” which recognizes a selection of outstanding talk media webcasters.

When asked to describe the show he says in it's "water-cooler talk on steroids” discussing everyday things we talk about - life, money, politics, values and faith. Steve has also been recognized Nationally in many areas including The 2008 Who's Who in America as a Business/Financial Consultant, for his unique take and expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship and finance. He's been a very popular platform speaker due to his transparency over his successes as well as his failures. Steve likes to say he's gone from the Penthouse to the Dog House to God's House!

Steve is a frequent writer for many National Magazines and a contributor to the Genesis Communications Network. He's also a frequent guest on both Fox News and Fox Business for his vast knowledge on current events and cultural trends due to his interesting political and biblical worldview on them. He's also sat on many boards for some of the most prestigious Mega Churches and Bible Colleges in the country.

He lives and broadcasts from his Undisclosed Bunker Studios in the Hottest City in America- Phoenix, AZ with his wife Marie and has three grown children and a grandson.

And finally, Steve believes Adam West is the best Batman. And if he’s right about that - which he totally is, he’s probably right about a whole lot of other things too.

For more about Steve Sanchez visit his site here.

For more about The Steve Sanchez Show visit his GCN webpage.  


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GCN proudly welcomes Michio Kaku’s long running radio program Science Fantastic to our weekly line up! Professor Kaku probably needs little introduction but introduce him I must. And so, from Wikipedia:


Professor Kaku is a Japanese American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science. He is professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center. Kaku has written several books about physics and related topics, has made frequent appearances on radio, television, and film, and writes online blogs and articles. He has written three New York Times best sellers, hosted several TV specials for networks around the world and since 2006 has broadcast his radio program Science Fantastic -- previously syndicated by Talk Radio Network and now, beginning at midnight on Saturday December 30th will be nationally syndicated by the Genesis Communication Network - that would be us.  =)


The Science Fantastic show page will be up on the GCNlive site ASAP with more program and affiliate information to follow.


We’re very excited to have Professor Kaku join the team and we hope you’ll tune in to -- Science Fantastic!





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Saturday, 02 December 2017 18:22

The Power Hour welcomes a new host

Edit: A previous version of this story stated that the Power Hour moved to a new time slot but that was an error. The Power Hour remains in the 7-10am time slot.


Starting Monday December 4th, The Power Hour - GCN’s long running morning show welcomes its brand new host -- Dr. Joanne Conaway.  


Dr. Conaway, a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years service under her belt (U.S. Air Force and Air Force Reserves) is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of the book, "Why Is America So Sick? Linking Digestive Health to Immunity and Hormonal Issues."


Dr. Conaway’s started her career as a nurse earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 1976. Her experience is in ER and Trauma Nursing, Operating Room and Critical Care, Infection Control, Cardiac Care, Nursing Education and Management. She spent several years doing specialized Nutritional Support Nursing. During those years, she cared for people who could no longer eat by mouth, receiving all their nutrition intravenously or by tube feeding. This experience sparked her passion for helping people understand the importance of a healthy diet and a healthy digestive system.


Dr. Conaway’s presents a unique perspective on what it takes to be healthy in a world filled with the conventional medical and Big Pharma philosophies. She and her guests share an all-natural approach to health and wellness, not the sickness-care approach so prevalent in today’s healthcare industry. In her mind, "prevention" and "early detection" are not remotely the same thing and Dr. Conaway's approach is truly prevention. With her unrelenting mission to find the latest real-world information that supports her philosophy and her approach to body, mind, and spirit; she shares what she learns and helps listeners understand how to “get it right.”


Program information, list of affiliate stations and archives for previous Power Hour shows can be found here.



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