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Jim Paris

Host: Jim Paris

All listed Times are Central Time (CT)

  • Sun: 8:00pm-10:00pm
  • Call In Line: 877-317-6432

Jim Paris is a name that has been around for nearly three decades in radio, and we are excited to announce that he is joining the GCN team with a live Sunday night show, which will air from 8 pm to 10 pm Eastern. You may know Jim from his years as the guest host for financial guru Charles J. Givens, and later, as a guest host for Marlin Maddoux. Paris has also hosted his own radio and TV shows over the years, as well. He is the author of more than thirty books, and has appeared as a guest expert on the 700 Club more than 25 times. He has most recently appeared with George Noory on Coast To Coast AM, as well as on Noory's TV show, Beyond Belief. Paris considers himself an eclectic, and when pressed for a list of topics he will explore on his new show, he simply says that he will talk about those things in which he is most interested. To give affiliates an insight as to what they might expect, recent Jim Paris guests have included Jerome Corsi on the Kennedy assassination, former vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root on economics and politics, Daniel Estulin on humans merging with robots, and LA Marzulli on fallen angels and the Nephilim.

While Paris is a 'financial guy' by trade, having owned multiple financial-oriented companies over the last two decades, he refuses to be defined by that, or otherwise put in a box; for example, his most recent book on the Kennedy assassination demonstrates his wide range as both a speaker and author. Paris is a Christian, but is also a strong advocate of self defense. He is a second degree black instructor in Taekwondo and has also studied marksmanship and survival with the U.S. Army. Whether it is money, politics, UFO's, or Bible prophecy, Paris can roll with just about any topic. His new show will provide your station's listeners with an entertaining and informative live Sunday night broadcast.