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Host: Elizabeth Dougherty and Michael Serio

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America has never had more serious problems than it has right now. Elizabeth Dougherty breaks down for listeners the inner workings of our government and answers the pressing questions on the minds of our citizens.

Having spent years among representatives on Capitol Hill, networking in one of the most private business clubs in D.C. and a former member of Reagan's Presidential Roundtable, Elizabeth brings an insider perspective to share with her audience on The Dougherty Report.

She has written for numerous publications about issues related to business, finance, labor relations and food safety with notable guests such as Anthony Bourdain, Aaron Sanchez, Claudine Pepin, Congressman Kucinich, representatives from the FDA and USDA, whistleblowers from GMO seed companies and the NSA along with award-winning journalists from the Tampa Bay Times, Washington Post and Bloomberg (just to name a few).

A pioneer of the fifth-estate, Elizabeth brings you the latest info from the new media in a cutting-edge format. Don't miss The Dougherty Report, a leading weekend program broadcast worldwide on the Genesis Communications Network.