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  • Law Enforcement Today

John Wiley

Host: John Wiley

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  • Sat: 3:00am-05:00am

The Law Enforcement Today Show is part true crime show, part cop show and a human interest show all wrapped into one. Most of guests on the show are law enforcement officers, investigators, first responders, their families and crime victims.

The Law Enforcement Today Show does far more than just humanize the badge. Our guests tell their true life and death stories. Survivors talk about their loved ones who were killed in the line of duty. Many guests talk about the physical and mental struggles they endured after suffering near fatal attacks. All of the guests impart bits of inspiration from their stories that listeners can use in their own lives.

Crime, tragedy, heartbreak, survival, courage, recovery and inspiration can all be found in The Law Enforcement Today Show. This is where True Crime, meets real life law enforcement and first reponders telling their deeply personal stories. There is no other show like it. The guests, topics and conversations on the Law Enforcement Today Show cannot be found anywhere else in radio.

John Jay Wiley, your host is a retired Baltimore Police Sergeant, his law enforcement career was cut short by a crime of violence, that left him with lifelong disabling injuries. After retiring from police work, he began to pursue a career in broadcasting. He has worked as a radio personality for more than 15 years.