• Angie Austin and Mike Opelka

Angie Austin and Mike Opelka

Host: Angie Austin and Mike Opelka

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  • Mon-Fri: 5:00am-8:00am
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Radio veterans Angie Austin (Daybreak USA) and co-host Mike Opelka (TheBlaze Radio) bring a fresh approach to News/Talk radio presenting the perfect balance of hard news and entertaining lifestyle segments every weekday on their new show.

Angie and Mike are upbeat, informative, funny but can get serious (and worked up!) as needed. In addition to the news and topics of each day, Angie and Mike speak to newsmakers, authors and regular contributors.

Angie and Mike's show can be aired as easily in afternoons or evenings as it can be in the mornings because it engages your audience... not merely with news, but also entertainment, wellness, and the diverse interviews they are known for. This show is more personality driven than most shows which makes it just plain fun.

Angie Austin's broadcasting history (TV and radio) includes 20 years in major markets (Los Angeles, San Diego and Denver). For the past four years, Austin hosted the nationally syndicated magazine program, Daybreak USA.

Mike Opelka's background was also in radio and television in New York City and Houston. For the past six and a half years, Opelka worked as a radio host and journalist at TheBlaze Radio and TheBlaze.com.