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By examining the fascinating stories of how our minds actually work, MindSET looks for answers to the questions and challenges that many of us struggle with day-to-day; questions & challenges that, put simply . . .STRESS US OUT ! ! ! !

Part news report, part TED Talk, MindSET not only brings together the latest research from across the media, the country and the globe about how our minds respond to all manner of stressors, MindSET provides practical, real-life coping strategies directly from leading experts. Whether the challenge is financial hardship, a new child, stressors in the workplace or school environment, or even the increased pressure of success, MindSET gives the audience first hand information about the most effective strategies to handle our personal challenges--challenges that, left unchecked, all too often leave us scratching our heads when there's a news headline about people who seem to, all of a sudden, LOSE IT!

By examining everyday experiences that we all share through the lens of the most up-to-date and effective information about the mind, MindSET aims to create a national conversation and raise our emotional intelligence by opening up new ways to recognize and tackle the small challenges before they become big problems.