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Where's the common sense in America today? We have record deficits, and spending is out of control in both Washington and in state capitols across the country. Americans overwhelming have lost confidence in both political parties. Our elected officials constantly vote along party lines with little regard for the public interest. The average citizen is too often confused and just doesn't know who to trust.

Jim Brown is a radio voice of reason on the national scene who wants to talk about reasserting our basic values and making some "logical common sense" judgments about what's right and what's wrong with our country. And he's ready to talk.

We hope you will join Jim as he tries to put a level headed twist on important issues of the week, as he sorts thru all the political spin to get to the real truth of the story. And not from a conservative or a liberal point of view. He will be using his wisdom and gumption to offer up a common sense perspective.

Jim Brown has served as an elected public official in his home state of Louisiana, and he has worked as a syndicated columnist and talk show host, as well as having been a practicing attorney.