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The false flag-orchestrating, tragedy-exploiting, Big Pharma-promoting victim disarmament lobby is responsible for it.


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Webster, swallow your pride and learn a little something about how your acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome has made you part of the very problem about which you incessantly whine...


Anti-Trumpism Is Anti-Progressivism In Disguisesee original article you into conforming. When it came time to support a third party they you into conforming. When it came time to demand a massive overhaul of the DNC they Continued...]

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Hi Webster!  8)


Dershowitz: Dems Declaring Trump Mentally Ill Straight Out of Communist Playbook

Dershowitz concluded by noting that the 25th amendment was designed to deal with a situation where a president is going senile, and not to be used as a tool to remove someone from office simply because you disagree with their politics.

The constitutional law scholar is completely correct when he asserts that brutal Communist regimes persecuted their opponents by declaring their political views to be a form of mental illness.


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To Webster I say that I do not back nor do I support Donald Trump, however it would be interesting for you explain why you have deserted those "Heroic Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army " as you once called them five plus years ago. The same Syrian Ara...

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