• Too much political correctness!
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    Too much political correctness! I don’t know about you, but I sure am confused about all this current debate over gender equity, gay rights, and transgenders. I keep reading in the newspaper about LGBT. I had to look up the lettering to even know what the abbreviation means. Being “politically correct” has become an obsession with much of the country as well as right here at home in Louisiana. Now personally, I don’t have a dog in this hunt. Carry on your personal lifestyle as long as you don’t interfere with my way of life or my personal freedoms. Live and let live. But…
    Written on 06/26/2019 @ 10:45pm in Opinion
  • Opinion: Don't expect the government to cure cancer ... there is not enough political reward
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    One of my best friends’ wife has a rare form of cancer. Just diagnosed. Another one of my best friends has another form of cancer. Radiation is knocking the crap out of him. Another one of my best friends died of pancreatic cancer a few years back. In the immortal words of a certain Democrat running for his Presidential nomination in the clown show, “it’s a big effing deal”. It is. And that particular candidate, whatever his level of knowledge and competence is, says he wants to cure it as part of his campaign. Now, in fairness, once you get…
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  • Prevent childhood drowning
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    Prevent childhood drowning The leading cause of death in children are “unintentional injuries” including drownings. According to the CDC, 20% of drowning victims are under the age of 14. And non-fatal drowning victims could sustain brain damage and long term disability. Pools, bathtubs and any body of water pose risks, however this time of year is especially dangerous, because activities surrounding pools, such as BBQs and alcohol use, become distractions to the adults supervising. When it comes to drowning prevention, the following is necessary: All pools should be enclosed Fence height should be at least 4-5 feet high and the entry gate should…
    Written on 06/25/2019 @ 4:39pm in Health
  • Operation "Wetback:" President Eisenhower’s answer to illegal immigrants in America - He deported them!
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    Operation "Wetback:" President Eisenhower’s answer to illegal immigrants in America - He deported them! “The issue of Illegal immigrants in America or in any other country can easily be resolved - Enforce the Law.” Within America, it is clear that when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, the laws are simply not being enforced, which encourages and breeds crime, and at the end of the day, anarchy and the loss of your country (Psalm 9:17). That’s it. It’s just that simple. Immigration laws are not being enforced. The Government, on both sides of the un-constitutional aisles (Party affiliations), are not enforcing the immigration laws. Rather, they are encouraging illegals to then break…
    Written on 06/21/2019 @ 11:27pm in U.S.
  • Opinion: Classic example of why newspapers are failing
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    Opinion: Classic example of why newspapers are failing The other day, the Orlando Sentinel printed an editorial saying that it would not endorse President Trump in 2020. It was signed by the “editorial board” of the newspaper which really means it was written by a guy named Mike Lafferty, whoever the hell he is. (Editor's note: He's the opinion editor for the Orlando Sentinel) Now here’s the difference between a clown like that and people like me. We sign our names to what we think. We don’t hide behind anything. Lafferty masquerades as the “institutional voice of the Orlando Sentinel.” His own words. Now, first of all, it’s…
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  • Hepatitis A Outbreak Declared in Clark County, Nevada
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    Hepatitis A Outbreak Declared in Clark County, Nevada A Hepatitis A outbreak has now been declared in Clark County Nevada. According to the Southern Nevada Health District, 37 cases have been reported since the start of this year. Drugs and homelessness have contributed to the outbreak but it can be spread by eating contaminated food. Per the CDC, 20,133 cases, with 11,595 hospitalizations have been reported in multiple states including Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida and Arizona to name a few. According to the CDC, California and Utah have declared their outbreaks’ over. 191 deaths have been reported since the outbreak began in 216. What is…
    Written on 06/19/2019 @ 9:46pm in Health
  • Opinion: Keep America great: The summer of our politics
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    Swathed in an elegant suit of red, white and blue and enveloped by a huge crowd of the same beautiful hues, President Donald J. Trump announced his re-election campaign Tuesday night. After reviewing the failures and treachery of his opposition and the Fake News, he counted at length the accomplishments of the American people and his administration. He ushered in the summer of our politics, economy and culture and outlined the challenges we face and how we will Keep America Great. Of course, the lamestream media couldn’t focus on anything but Trump’s deserved criticism of them and the reptiles of…
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  • Opinion: "Fake News" media forgets it smacked Reagan around before he won 49 states in 1984
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    So Nancy Pelosi wants to put President Trump in prison? And Robert Francis O’Rourke says it’s time to impeach the President? And the rest of the 2020 Democrat clown show thinks that Americans—like you and me—hate the President? Ummmmmm. Let me tell you a story about a chance meeting I had the other day at a Reno, Nevada Jiffy Lube. I took my daily driver—a 1994 Ford Explorer with about 350,000 miles (there’s a reason Ford has been making vehicles for 115 years)—to have the air conditioner worked on. Reno had hit 90 degrees the day before. The guy sitting…
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  • Social media posts can indicate medical conditions
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    Social media posts can indicate medical conditions For years we’ve been hearing stories of children being diagnosed with brain tumors or liver disorders based on followers viewing their picture on social media and alerting parents to suspicious findings. Now a study, published in PLOS One, finds 21 different medical conditions to be revealed based on the vocabulary people use when posting on their timeline. Penn State and Stony Brook medical researchers reviewed thousands of Facebook status updates and found certain keywords surface more often with those having specific conditions. IMAGE FROM: HTTPS://JOURNALS.PLOS.ORG/PLOSONE/ARTICLE?ID=10.1371/JOURNAL.PONE.0215476 For Diabetes, for examples, key words included: pray, family, blessed, very, thank, thankful, doctor, blood,…
    Written on 06/18/2019 @ 5:28pm in Health
  • Weird News: Are bananas going extinct?
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    Weird News: Are bananas going extinct? The first time I heard that banana was “going extinct,” I kind of ignored it. I mean, one paranoid lunatic screaming on the internet does not a fact make - you know what I mean? But after reading about it another dozen times over the next several years, it’s clearly NOT a paranoid lunatic screaming on the internet. It appears as if banana extinction is legit. Anyway, going back to 2015 is when I came across this Huffpost article called: “Your Favorite Banana Is Facing Extinction As Deadly Fungus Spreads.” From the article: “Before 1960, your grandparents and great-grandparents were…
    Written on 06/16/2019 @ 9:25pm in World