• The Holidays and the In-laws: Your Step by Step Guide
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    The Holidays and the In-laws: Your Step by Step Guide Thanksgiving is here!! Good food, no school, no work, and most of all….. family!! For many this is one of the best holidays ever!! For some…..the most dreaded all year. This is your very rare and valuable time off, and you have to spend all of it with people who don’t like you and you’re not particularly fond of. Four days of staying with family, (especially if they don’t let you stay a hotel and insist you stay with them), can be more than many can bear. So here are some steps you can take to make the holidays easier.…
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  • Finally, our first observed interstellar visitor!
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    Finally, our first observed interstellar visitor! Greetings interstellar traveller / hyperbolic asteroid 1I/2017 U1, welcome to our solar system! Technically you’ve been here for quite a while just passing through, drifting about, minding your own asteroid business but we’ve only just found you! You have no way of knowing this but, you’ve been named -- ‘Oumuamua from the Hawaiian word meaning “scout” and generally translates as “scout from the past.” You have a very lovely name. Also, for clarification, that first character in your name is a Hawaiian ‘okina, not an apostrophe. Our Earth scientists have long suspected that tens of thousands of space rocks, such…
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  • The NutriMedical Report: Hypertension and Heart Disease
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    The NutriMedical Report: Hypertension and Heart Disease Hypertension is the measured change in pulse and resting phase pressure in the peripheral circulation. The heart is pumping against blood vessels, that should respond to the heart. In a healthy circulatory system, blood vessels provide about three quarters of the pump action moving blood, oxygen and nutrients to peripheral tissues. All of the blood flow back to the heart results for the peristaltic wave of contraction of veins back to the right side of the heart. The right heart only pumps to the lung fields to pick up oxygen. To lower blood pressure we must improve blood vessel secondary…
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  • U.S. Bank Stadium might be the best stadium ever built
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    U.S. Bank Stadium might be the best stadium ever built I’ve been to plenty of stadiums. I’ve been to Miller Park -- a dump in a bad part of Milwaukee. I’ve been to the Metrodome -- a terrible place to watch baseball but loud and fun nonetheless. I’ve been to Safeco Field -- a beautiful, quaint place to watch baseball as long as the roof is open. I’ve been to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City -- a beautifully vast stadium. I’ve been to Fenway Park, which makes me feel spoiled every time I visit Target Field. But even Target Field nor the newly renovated Target Center compares to the decadence…
    The Minnesota Vikings starters are announced and take the field. Anthony Varriano video
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  • Rev. Jesse Jackson Reveals He is Battling Parkinson’s Disease
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    Rev. Jesse Jackson Reveals He is Battling Parkinson’s Disease Civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, revealed Friday that he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The 76-year-old two-time Democratic presidential candidate stated he and his family noticed changes three years ago and, “after a battery of tests, my physicians identified the issue as Parkinson’s disease, a disease that bested my father.” His father, Noah L. Robinson, died in 1997 at the age of 88 of a heart attack and complications of Parkinson’s. What is Parkinson’s Disease? Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, next to Alzheimer’s, and the most common movement disorder that affects 1% of the world’s population…
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  • Gene's Technology Corner: Kudos for the “Unoriginal” iPhone X
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    Gene's Technology Corner: Kudos for the “Unoriginal” iPhone X While 2017 isn’t over, Time magazine has already published the list of its “25 Best Inventions of 2017.” Now you’ve probably read about this already, but a little explanation is in store. So after the iPhone X was first announced, the critics lambasted Apple for being late to the party with some of its important features. Take OLED displays, which have already appeared on Android smartphones. It’s important to note that Samsung makes the iPhone X’s display. Whatever you think about Samsung’s penchant for stealing ideas from other companies, it certainly has the chops to build the parts tech companies…
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  • Consider the Source America! Accusers are Guilty!
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    Consider the Source America!  Accusers are Guilty! All politics formed against Christ and His Gospel end at last in the destruction of those who contrived them. –George Whitfield It never ceases to amaze me of the absolute criminal conduct of the state-controlled media that continuously puts the cameras and microphones up to the mouths of corrupt politicians who are doing everything in their power to protect the establishment that is attempting to destroy not only Judge Roy Moore, but this country as well. Keep in mind that those who are accusing Moore have been busted time and time again in lie after lie and scandal after scandal.…
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  • Opinion: Surprise! The men you’ve granted political power are pigs
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    The only surprise from the recent barrage of sexual allegations brought against, first, members of Hollywood’s power elite, and later, members of the political power elite, is that it took this long for victims to air their allegations. It should surprise no one that Kevin Spacey and Louis CK are sexually deviant, and it should surprise no one that men granted political power -- even George Bush and Al Franken -- tend to be predatorily handsy. Perhaps the victims of America’s politicians needed Hollywood’s victims to come out to feel safe enough to reveal the wrongdoings of their alleged predators.…
    James Bond put his hands on Miss Moneypenny a time or two, but being from a bygone era is no reason for that behavior to continue. Eon Productions
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  • New Blood Pressure Recommendations Released
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    New Blood Pressure Recommendations Released High blood pressure has now been redefined as being greater than 130/80 mmHg, down from 140/90 mmHg. This will mean close to 103 million more Americans will fall under the “hypertensive” category. Multiple agencies, including the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology, redefined the guidelines, in practice for the last 14 years, to lower the threshold for high blood pressure from 140/90 to 130/80. Under the old guidelines, 1/3 of US Americans were considered to have high blood pressure. Now 42% of Americans will be “hypertensive.” In lowering the guidelines, task force members hope to reduce complications associated…
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  • Make America great for you
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    Make America great for you I’ll forward this by revealing that I have always lived in America and have never been outside America’s borders, almost strictly because of economic inability to do so. I’ll also prelude this by saying I don’t necessarily want to leave America currently. While I acquired a passport and New Zealand work visa prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, I decided to give America one last chance despite the election. I figure I’ll give my homeland until after the 2020 election to prove its worth. How did I find happiness in a country I find appalling and embarrassing? Step 1: Surround…
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