• Multiple States moving to end Daylight Saving Time change
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    Multiple States moving to end Daylight Saving Time change Multiple states have mobilized their #LocktheClock forces to put an end to biannual time changes. Last year California passed Proposition 7, making Daylight Saving Time year-round and permanent. Other states who have proposed legislation include the following: Alaska Alabama Arkansas Colorado Delaware Georgia Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas Maine Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Some states had put forth legislation to be on Atlantic Standard Time, a time zone one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time…
    Written on 11/19/2019 @ 1:05am in U.S.
  • Time to hold government, individuals & agencies accountable for those killed & injured during shootings
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    “Since 1950, 94 percent of mass public shootings in the United States have taken place in gun-free zones, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center.” If a man driving a vehicle hits a man and injures or kills him, is the company that built the vehicle to be held responsible for the driver? Absolutely not! If a man owns a hunting knife to cut up his game and ends up killing someone with it, are the manufacturers somehow responsible for the crime committed (Deuteronomy 25:1)? Are they to be held liable? Absolutely not! No more then should gun manufacturers be…
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  • Smartphones again linked to temporary blindness
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    Smartphones again linked to temporary blindness Two new cases of “smartphone blindness” has been described in the last month. One case was a gentleman in China who was playing games on his phone at night and suffered a retinal artery occlusion or “eye stroke.” Another case was a woman in China, who was also playing on her phone at night but she sustained a bleed in her left eye. Just as those who suffer from cerebral strokes, a “lack of blood flow” to the retina, or layer of the eye that helps create visual images, can be caused by a clot or hemorrhage. Apparently these can…
    Written on 11/15/2019 @ 6:23pm in Health
  • Income inequality in America: Facts and issues
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    Income inequality among Americans has been a major subject of debate for a decade, and ever more so with leftwing extremists now dominating the ranks of Democratic presidential aspirants. So, let’s get the basic facts and issues straight. A salient claim in this area comes from the French economist Thomas Piketty in his 2014 book, Capital in the Twenty-first Century, a 700-page tome. His starting point is that the rate of return on capital investment is generally significantly greater than the growth rate of a market economy (or, r>>g). This is generally uncontested. So, Piketty concludes that the rich, whose…
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  • A Stethoscope Is NOT A Prop
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    A Stethoscope Is NOT A Prop Stock photos of “healthcare workers” who attend patients—physicians are no longer distinguishable—usually feature a stethoscope draped around the neck. But some, such as cardiologist Eric Topol, consider the stethoscope obsolete, nothing more than a pair of “rubber tubes.” The most important part of the stethoscope is the part between the ears. But some think that will be replaced by artificial intelligence, and the rubber tubes by sophisticated electronic gizmos costing at least ten times as much as the humble stethoscope. High tech is wonderful and increasingly capable, but if the stethoscope is dying, so is the art of clinical medicine.…
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  • Will CNN tank AT&T's management?
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    Apparently, AT&T bought CNN thinking it was some kind of an entertainment outlet. It is, but only to those of us who understand that Ted Turner’s creation has devolved into something which no longer resembles, in any way, journalism. How bad is CNN’s coverage of the President? Well, depending on who you choose to believe, studies from Harvard to the Media Research Center place the ratio of positive to negative coverage between 91% negative to 93%. Every media analyst agrees. CNN’s coverage is so biased that it can hardly be called coverage. And it seems to be cheerfully brought to…
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  • Tips to help you stop smoking & vaping.
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    Tips to help you stop smoking & vaping. Some of you are trying to get a head start before the family makes you come up with a New Year’s resolution to quit vaping and smoking. So you’ve cut back on tobacco and nicotine and have decided to quit. Awesome! Within the first half hour of quitting, studies have found your blood pressure and heart rate improve, so your health starts to improve immediately! So, way to go!!!! But now what? It’s not that easy. You’ve got cravings. Not being able to manage these cravings can put you at risk of relapsing back into nicotine dependence. Withdrawal from nicotine…
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  • Weird News: Home invader kicks door down, but doesn't expect this ...
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    In Michigan, a 33 year old man named Alex Lavell Rawls (our suspect) kicked down a door in search of his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps obviously, he wasn’t there to rescue her. After a series of harassment and threats of violence against her, he decided to go kick her door down. So, Rawls goes over to her place to due her harm, not knowing that - she had already moved to another state in order to get away from his lunatic ass! Cut to: Rawls gets to her apartment and pounds on the door. Enter Ben Ball, 36. Ben is a regular…
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  • Attorney General Keith Ellison: Tax evader, woman abuser.
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    Attorney General Keith Ellison: Tax evader, woman abuser. Taqiyya- Deception and Lying in Islam. Precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief. As many of you know, the state of Minnesota has a brand new attorney general, his name is Keith Ellison, and his Muslim name is Muhammad Hakim (Over the years, Ellison wrote under the pseudonyms Keith E. Hakim, mainly for his college paper in 89 and 90 but later, in the mid nineties he wrote under the name Keith X Ellison in defense of Farrakhan after the 1995 Million Man March.) I know that there are many that say, "How stupid can Minnesotans be?" but in reply,…
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  • A summary of key problems we face, and what to do.
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    What are the main social, political and economic problems we face today? I think they fall into two groups, economic-political and cultural. The economic-political issues are the continuing and still growing over-reach of government, both domestically and in international affairs. Domestically, this means excess spending, taxing and borrowing by government at all levels since about 1960 – an excess that keeps growing every decade. These fiscal problems are enabled to some extent by the federal monetary policy of printing excess dollars and thus inflating the currency. It also includes the ever-growing excess in regulation of all kinds – health, safety,…
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