• Turpin parents sentenced to "25 years to life in prison"
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    Turpin parents sentenced to "25 years to life in prison" Last year I wrote “Opinion: The Turpin parents are guilty. Lock them up forever.” Well, on Friday - I got my wish. David and Louise Turpin, the parents who abused, starved and held all of their children captive, received a sentence of “25 years to life in prison.” Both of them pleaded guilty to torture, child endangerment, false imprisonment and cruelty to dependent adults. If you do not remember the Turpin parents I’ll offer a quick recap. Last January one of their 17 year old children escaped the torture house the Turpins kept their children shackled up in. When 911…
    Written on 04/20/2019 @ 6:10pm in News & Information
  • Opinion: All about that weird "Stranger Things" plagiarism lawsuit.
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    Opinion: All about that weird "Stranger Things" plagiarism lawsuit. Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s biggest hits is, allegedly - plagiarized from another source. At least that’s the claim by Charlie Kessler, a long time Netflix digital/technical operation crew member. And - I kind of buy it. After reading more about it, the lawsuit appears to have some merit. Let me break it down for you: Netflix released Stranger Things in July of 2016; it was an instant hit. If you have not seen it, the show is about weird, macabre happenings around the small town of Hawkins, Indiana during the early 80’s, and how several twelve year olds become…
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  • The 10 Plagues: Bible and science mesh
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    The 10 Plagues: Bible and science mesh On Passover, we read from the Book of Exodus in the Torah explaining the Hebrew’s years of enslavement and the struggle it took to free them. G-d sent Moses to ask Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II to “Let my people go.” When the Pharaoh refused, the Lord sent down 10 plagues: Blood Frogs Lice/Gnats/Fleas Flies Pestilence Boils Hail Locusts Darkness Killing of the firstborn Scholars have debated how these occurred and scientists have interestingly found scientific explanations for each. This is what they found: Blood The water of the Nile turned to “blood”. It was undrinkable. One theory is the red…
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  • Opinion: The Mueller Report: Part I
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    Opinion: The Mueller Report: Part I By now you all know that the full (but redacted) Mueller report has been made available to the public. I am slogging through it now. It’s long. Four hundred and eighty eight pages long. And I’m only one guy. It’s gonna take me awhile to get through it all. But I have read a decent amount of it. It’s broke down into two volumes. Volume I details Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and "if the Trump Team conspired with the Russians." Volume II deals with the president's “actions towards the FBI investigation” and if any…
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  • We’re applying hand sanitizer incorrectly
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    We’re applying hand sanitizer incorrectly Most of us squirt one pump of hand sanitizer, slap it together in our palms and then dry the rest off on our pants. But researchers say there is a protocol and choreography that must be performed in order to prevent the spread of millions of pathogens that could be lurking on our hands. The World Health Organization recommends the following steps to be taken when using hand sanitizer: Fill entire palm with hand sanitizer Rub both palms together Put right hand over left and interlace fingers Put left hand over right and interlace fingers Interlock fingers to get under…
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  • Instead Of #notmypresident, how about #limitedgovernment?
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    Jack hates Trump. Jill hated Obama. And thus, Jack and Jill now cannot stand each other. This is today’s America, where lines are drawn and the population is bifurcated. We are somehow losing our love for each other, sharing common bonds of freedom as a nation. Is it because of the polarizing nature of Trump? Or Obama? No. Our collective angst has been misdirected towards the wrong culprit—the ire belongs with the unfettered growth of the power of government over our lives. Would Jack hate Trump as much if the government was vastly less impactful on his life? Of course…
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  • Notre Dame fire: Updated
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    Notre Dame fire: Updated A huge fire has engulfed one of France's most beloved landmarks - Notre Dame Cathedral, and it sounds like local firefighters are not sure they can save the building. So far, the roof has collapsed and the next hour or two appear to be critical in determining if the building itself can be saved. No one is exactly sure how the fire started but officials claimed it could have been linked to recent renovation work. As of yet, the city is calling the fire an “accident.” Construction of the cathedral began in 1160 and was largely completed by 1260, though…
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  • Game of Thrones star survived two brain aneurysms while filming
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    Game of Thrones star survived two brain aneurysms while filming Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on HBO's wildly popular Game of Thrones, revealed in an essay published by the The New Yorker she suffered two potentially fatal attacks while filming the popular series. In 2011, she reports that while she was exercising, she felt a severe headache and then began vomiting violently. An ambulance took her to the hospital and her MRI showed she had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). She describes the ordeal: "...Then my trainer had me get into the plank position, and I immediately felt as though an elastic band were squeezing my brain. I tried to…
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  • Fisher-Price recalls Rock 'n Play Sleepers after reports of infant deaths
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    Fisher-Price recalls Rock 'n Play Sleepers after reports of infant deaths On Friday, April 12th, Fisher-Price voluntarily recalled the “Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper,” after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) discovered more than 30 babies have died while in the rocker since 2009 - 10 of them occurring since 2015. The CPSC said anyone who purchased the Rock ‘n Play should immediately cease using it and contact Fisher-Price for a refund. The American Academy of Pediatrics agreed with the findings of the CPSC calling the sleepers “deadly,” and urged Fisher-Price for the recall as well. No one is specifying exactly how the babies died, but some were from "suffocation"…
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  • Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, official trailer
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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, official trailer It’s official. This weekend at the Star Wars Celebration Chicago, Disney confirmed the official subtitle of Star Wars Episode IX will be, “The Rise of Skywalker.” But, who is the “Skywalker” in question? It’s been confirmed in the previous film, The Last Jedi - that Rey’s parents were nobodies so - are we about to see JJ Abrams (writer / director of the The Force Awakens and the upcoming film, “Rise of Skywalker”) doing a slight rewrite on the previous film? Perhaps the information that Rey was told - was a lie? I mean, it did come from a dude…
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