• Despite initial backlash, Nike sales and market value skyrocket
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    Despite initial backlash, Nike sales and market value skyrocket Last month, as you may or may not know, Nike released a new Just Do It campaign starring a variety of young athletes as well as Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick. The ad is great. Before I get back to Nike, a bit about Colin Kaepernick: Colin has been in and out of the news since 2011. First as a backup QB for the San Francisco 49ers as his team went to the Championship game in 2011. Then Colin took over as the starting QB and led his team to the Super Bowl (where they lost 31-34 to the Ravens).…
    Written on Sunday, 23 September 2018 21:31 in Money
  • Alzheimer’s cases to nearly triple over the next few decades
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    Alzheimer’s cases to nearly triple over the next few decades Currently 5.7 million people in the US suffer from the debilitating cause of dementia and the CDC estimates close to 14 million will be affected by the year 2060. As we’re surviving other illnesses that could take our lives sooner, such as heart disease and cancer, we as a population are living to an age where brain changes can occur. Alzheimer’s is the 5th leading cause of death and scientists still struggle to find a cure or means to stave it off. The average age of symptom revelation is 65, but researchers believe the disease may set in sooner. Over…
    Written on Saturday, 22 September 2018 16:52 in Health
  • If Americans Understood the Price of Their Freedoms, They Would Rethink Looking The Other Way When It Comes To Corruption In Government!
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    “Was is it on a football field or in a boxing ring that your God-given rights were won? Or was it on a battlefield where men sacrificed themselves to give it?” Americans can attempt to deceive themselves into believing, with the use of sophistries by the corporate-owned and operated media, that they are given correct and right information. Most of you know that they are not telling you the truth concerning any matter, if, in fact, the topic even matters. Unless, of course, it works to their own ends (Psalm 101:3). You are taught that if you question their narrative,…
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  • Solving Football's Place-kicking Problem
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    Solving Football's Place-kicking Problem I, thankfully, didn’t watch all of the Week 2 matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers on Sunday. That’s the case more and more these days, when in the past I’d hardly miss a second of a Vikings game. Rookie kicker Daniel Carlson, who the Vikings selected in the fifth round of the draft five months prior to waiving him Monday, missed three field goals to waste a valiant, 13-point comeback led by new quarterback Kirk Cousins in Green Bay. I stopped watching after the first two series of the second half with the Vikings down 20–7, and…
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  • Gene's Technology Corner: Weekend radio update and the Apple Watch Series 4
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    Gene's Technology Corner: Weekend radio update and the Apple Watch Series 4 In large part, the success with the iPhone in recent years was fueled by the release of larger handsets, starting with the iPhone 6 series, with one model at 4.7 niches and a “Plus” variant at 5.5 inches. Supposedly, then, all iPhone uses were expected to adapt. But that’s not quite how things worked out. There are still many users who don’t want the larger displays an the difficulties involved in single-handed use. This is why Apple came out with the iPhone SE in 2016, which had most of the features and performance of the iPhone 6s installed in what…
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  • Cannabis Coca-cola could soon be a reality
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    Cannabis Coca-cola could soon be a reality Reports have surfaced that Coca-Cola is eyeing a deal with Aurora Cannabis, which may result in the production of a cannabis-infused cola drink. The talks between the Canadian cannabis company and the famous Atlanta-based cola corporation was reported by Bloomberg. They write: “We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world,” Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg News. “The space is evolving quickly. No decisions have been made at this time.” Cannabis-infused foods have been a favorite in legalized markets where consumers wish to avoid…
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  • Emmy Awards Winners and Losers (and Non-watchers)
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    Emmy Awards Winners and Losers (and Non-watchers) I am probably like you in that - I hardly ever watch the Emmy Awards. And why is that? Well, for starters there was a run of 20 years where the exact same network shows won year after year. And if it wasn’t the exact same show it was, well, kind of the same type of show. Hill Street Blues, LA Law, NYPD Blue, The Practice, West Wing, the Sopranos. Seriously, that was like - 20 years! The same shows. And what about those same 20 years in comedy? Well - Cheers, Murphy Brown and Frasier basically dominated from 83-98.…
    Written on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 20:05 in Entertainment
  • Hurricane Florence: How You Can Help
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    Hurricane Florence: How You Can Help The Category 1 hurricane that hit the Carolinas on Friday is expected to cause “widespread devastation” to multiple states. Five people, including an infant, have been reportedly killed within the first 12 hours of Hurricane Florence’s landfall. Torrential downpours are expected to continue and power outages, floods, raging waters, and the potential for tornadoes threaten coastal and inland residents. Risks of drowning, crush injuries, infection, malnourishment, chemical exposure, hypothermia are just a few of the grave issues residents are facing. Malnourishment Many of those who did prepare for the storm may not have stored plenty of food, especially healthy fresh…
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  • Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' surpassed as best selling album of all time
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    Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' surpassed as best selling album of all time According to a recently updated information from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) Thriller has been surpassed as the number one selling album of all time. Which, as an 80’s kid, makes me a little sad. =( The last time the RIAA compiled data on this subject was way back in the ancient time of 2006, when digital sales were hardly a thing. Well, now the RIAA has caught up with the rest of modern society, added in digital sales, and updated the Best Selling Albums of All Time List for the first time in twelve years! And, to…
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  • Are pap smears going away?
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    Are pap smears going away? For some yes, as new cancer screening guidelines suggest swapping the embarrassing procedure with HPV only tests. These HPV only tests can even be done in the privacy of one’s home. The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) suggest women between the ages of 30-65 may be screened for cervical cancer by testing for the HPV virus, high risk strains, every 5 years without undergoing a concurrent Pap smear. This is opposed to the “co-testing” recommended up until now. Women can, however, if desired, choose to have Pap smears every 3 years. These guidelines do not pertain to those who…
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