• Lessons learned from Alabama senate race
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    Lessons learned from Alabama senate race Republicans across the nation are cheering over the results of the Alabama senate race. No, you didn’t read this wrong. Sure, democrats are celebrating over the election victory of one of their own for the first time in 25 years. But it should be no surprise to learn that key republicans are also pleased with the outcome. The reason for GOP rejoicing is that they have thrown off the albatross of Roy Moore from around their necks. Republicans will no longer have to answer, month after month, every question from the press that begins with: “Now about Roy Moore?” Few…
    Written on Thursday, 14 December 2017 15:51 in News & Information
  • Alabama special election was a condemnation of sexual predators, not Republicans
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    Alabama special election was a condemnation of sexual predators, not Republicans Democrats all over America are staking claim to Doug Jones’s victory over alleged sexual predator Roy Moore for Alabama’s Senate seat, Tuesday night. But it was women, and specifically black women, who made the difference in Alabama -- women and a football coach. The black vote wasn’t suppressed this time According to Mother Jones, 235 calls were made to The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law as of 3:24 p.m. EST, Tuesday, reporting all manner of voter suppression tactics common in black neighborhoods, like bringing in police to check voters’ warrants for arrest and incorrectly turning away voters with…
    Written on Wednesday, 13 December 2017 20:55 in News & Information
  • Wildfire Smoke Health Risks
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    Wildfire Smoke Health Risks As the California Wildfires roar into a second week, those residents lucky enough to escape the flames worry what consequences could result in inhaling the smoke. What is in wildfire smoke? According to the EPA, smoke emanating from forest and community fires may include any of the following: Carbon monoxide, which competes with oxygen in the blood Carbon dioxide, a respiratory byproduct Wood particles Formaldehyde Acrolein – used as a pesticide Benzene Plastics, and those byproducts after incineration and thousands of different respiratory irritants. According to the EPA, Smoke is composed primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor, carbon monoxide, particulate…
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  • Sickness Pays, Even When You Are Not sick!
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    Sickness Pays, Even When You Are Not sick! After traveling from Boise, Idaho to Missoula, Montana to Orlando, Florida then onto Houston, Texas, we have tallied up about 150 ministry hours of driving over the last 6 weeks. With that, comes a toll on your physical body, and it caught up with one of my family members, at least for a minute. Let me explain. Keep in mind, there is a balance between a natural/holistic remedy and western medicine. I have always been cautious when it comes to either side of the aisle. It seems that without fail, fear of not using either of their remedies is always…
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  • The Minnesota Twins’ Winter Meetings wish list
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    The Minnesota Twins’ Winter Meetings wish list ESPN’s David Schoenfield predicted the Minnesota Twins would sign 29-year-old, free agent starter Alex Cobb during the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings at Walt Disney World -- a fitting place for an MLB Hot Stove that was slow to heat up. The stove is finally preheated, with the Babe Ruth of Japanese baseball, Shohei Ohtani, choosing to play for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the New York Yankees working with former Yankee Derek Jeter to acquire Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins. The Twins’ non-division competition is tougher in 2018 The moves certainly don’t improve the Twins’ chances…
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  • Gene's Technology Corner: Weekend radio update, Apple and home audio
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    Gene's Technology Corner: Weekend radio update, Apple and home audio It’s fascinating to see how Apple’s entrance in a product category can change things so drastically. So for the longest period, we heard that smartwatches were the next great thing. There were models from a crowdfunded startup, Pebble, and such entrants as Samsung Galaxy Gear. As with digital music players, smartphones and tablets, Apple seemed late to the party, very late. That takes us to this weekend’s episode of The Tech Night Owl LIVE, featuring J.D. Levite, senior editor of Thrifter.com. Thrifter is a consumer site focused on tracking hot deals on tech and other products, special holiday promotions, etc.…
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  • The Minnesota political landscape without Al Franken
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    The Minnesota political landscape without Al Franken Minnesota governor Mark Dayton is expected to appoint lieutenant governor Tina Smith to replace United States Senator Al Franken, who resigned amid sexual harassment allegations. But Smith is now contemplating running for reelection in 2018, which has Democrats applying pressure on Dayton to appoint more than just a caretaker to the Senate seat. Democrats have a stable of good horses to win the 2018 race for Franken’s vacated seat, but U.S. House Representative from Minnesota’s fifth district, Keith Ellison, is the thoroughbred. Ellison has served as the fifth district’s House Representative since 2007, so he’s put in the time to…
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  • The wild ride of Bitcoin
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    The wild ride of Bitcoin So, what’s going on with Bitcoin? First of all, for those that do not know -- Bitcoin is what is known as a “cryptocurrency”, a virtual "coin" that is "mined" by and stored on computers. Wikipedia lists 1324 types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is, by far the most popular. Lovers of cryptocurrencies are huge fans of the anonymity of using them. Bitcoin is not one hundred percent untraceable as there is a log of all transactions and information does leak but coin owners are not identified by any immediately identifiable ID. Which makes it easy to use Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies)…
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  • Back to Voting on Paper Ballots?
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    Back to Voting on Paper Ballots? A hue and cry is mounting around the country that voting machines used on Election Day are eminently hackable. Congress is investigating charges by the Office of Homeland Security that Russia attempted to hack into voting machines in 21 different states. So is the integrity of our election system being undermined? Are computer hackers able to change election results? What gives? Obviously, there is something fishy going on. It’s not just the election system being hacked. New reports have told us that computer systems of major companies like Sony, Equifax and even the U.S. Office of Personnel Management have been…
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  • IUDs May Cut Cervical Cancer by 30%
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    IUDs May Cut Cervical Cancer by 30% A new study suggests intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) may fight off the virus that causes cervical cancer. Researchers from the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine found the small T-shaped device may stimulate an immune response against the sexually transmitted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) virus which causes cervical cancer. T-SHAPED IUD SITTING WITHIN THE UTERUS IUDs are a favorite among women as they do not involve taking a daily hormone pill and can provide contraceptive protection for years. There are two main types: The ParaGard IUD is a non hormonal implant made of copper. The copper wards of…
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