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  • Housing is a human right? Really?
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    Recently, the Associated Press (AP) published an article the Reno paper ran with the headline, “Judge orders women to leave house.” Last year, real estate investment group Wedgewood, Inc., bought an Oakland three-bedroom house in foreclosure for $501,000. In November, before Wedgewood could take legal possession, three homeless women and their children, calling themselves Moms 4 Housing, illegally moved in. The squatters refuse to leave, so Wedgewood asked a California court to direct the local sheriff to evict them. The judge did so, giving them five days to leave. An attorney helping them said, “We understand that the court’s hands…
    Written on 01/15/2020 @ 9:37pm in Opinion
  • One life well lived, another still in progress ...
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    One of our best friends, Mike Brown, passed from this earth last December 23rd. We didn’t know because he was visiting his kids in Oregon. Mike masqueraded as a Brooklyn tough guy who had a barely hidden heart of gold under that New York attitude. He was the lead mechanic at the Reno-Tahoe Airport for many years and that was his persona…he fixed things. He bought and sold old cars, he built houses and, for me, he helped build an AM transmitter site which is the hardest thing in broadcasting to get right. He got it right. One of his…
    Written on 01/15/2020 @ 9:28pm in News & Information
  • The complete list of Oscar nominees
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    The complete list of Oscar nominees Surprisingly, Joker leads the nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards. A total of 11 nominations were piled onto the contentious film about the Clown Prince of Crime, which is more than any other movie. I mean, I like the film but … probably not 11 nominations liked. You know? Anyway, eight other movies were selected to compete for Best Picture including - 1917, Ford v Ferrari, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, The Irishman, Marriage Story, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and Parasite. Three of those films, The Irishman, 1917 and Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, received 10…
    Written on 01/14/2020 @ 4:46pm in Entertainment
  • The Australian wildfires and how you can help
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    The Australian wildfires and how you can help After experiencing one of its worst droughts in decades, the Australian wildfire has already burned through 18 million acres of land, making it one of the largest wildfires the world has ever seen. (I believe the largest on record is the 1987 Black Dragon Fire in China / Russia). No one knows exactly how the fires started but the best speculation I’ve seen is that because of the dryness from the drought a lightning strike began the blaze. So far it’s killed almost thirty people (including several volunteer firefighters), burned several thousands of people out of their homes and killed…
    Written on 01/13/2020 @ 6:27pm in World
  • 18 Republican Governors ask for more Muslim refugees as “Christian Charity”
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    “They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” -Jonah 2:8 It was reported by Fox News' Tucker Carlson that 18 Republican governors have explicitly requested that more refugees be sent to their states. They said that it was “compassion” and “Christian charity” to do so. The questions were asked, "have their constituents demanded this?" The reply was "No." So, what's going on here? Guest Ned Ryan responded: Refugee resettlement has nothing to do with Christianity and has everything to do with the immoral behavior of these governors and quite frankly a perverse incentive for these government funded charities that…
    Written on 01/12/2020 @ 4:57pm in Opinion
  • Testosterone Therapy: New guidelines released
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    Testosterone Therapy: New guidelines released Millions of men take testosterone supplements each year in the U.S. Low testosterone, or “Low T”, can manifest in a variety of symptoms including: fatigue erectile dysfunction depression lack of sex drive muscle loss loss of strength decrease muscle strength loss of fertility osteoporosis (decrease bone mass) and may contribute to many other issues. The most popular forms of testosterone are injections and gels. Pill forms are available but are not as effective. Testosterone slowly decreases with age at a rate of 1.6 % per year beginning in one’s 30’s. A man with significant testosterone loss, however could signify a…
    Written on 01/08/2020 @ 9:27pm in Health
  • Iran, War, History and International Relations
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    I try to be well informed on many public policy matters, but I pretend no great expertise on international relations and conflict. That said, some thoughts on those subjects in light of the current conflict in the Middle East. As my daughter is learning in her government class, a fundamental duty of national governments is to protect their people from external threats. After World War I, some Republicans became isolationist, claiming we had little or no stake in many international affairs, and the Great War showed the costs and risks of getting involved. They were certainly right about the costs…
    Written on 01/08/2020 @ 9:15pm in World
  • American Jews should pay attention to reality... It could happen again
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    I am not what you would call an observant Jew. But, being a baby boomer, I received the full Sunday School treatment from my parents and got, in those 10 years, what would probably be today an advanced degree in Judaism and the history of the Jews. And I got from my late Father, a World War II Navy veteran, a firm connection to one of the darkest periods of our modern world’s history. Additionally, I met a distant cousin who the Allies liberated from Auschwitz and, subsequently, moved to the United States. The impact on a young boy of…
    Written on 01/08/2020 @ 9:06pm in Opinion
  • Gene's Paranormal Corner: Yes, it's okay to talk about UFO's now
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    Gene's Paranormal Corner: Yes, it's okay to talk about UFO's now Now this may not seem to be related to The Paracast, or UFOs, but it does. Back in 1989, when I first brought an Apple Macintosh into my home, I was the oddball. Whenever I visited a local computer store to buy some software, and told them it was for a Mac, the salespeople would give me a strange look and dispatch me to the back of the store.I wasn’t surprised to see a few dusty boxes that, when I looked them over, after blowing on them to see the lettering, I found to be mostly out of date.In those…
    Written on 01/07/2020 @ 8:21pm in News & Information
  • Cervical cancer awareness: The simple scoop on pap smears
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    Cervical cancer awareness: The simple scoop on pap smears Let’s face it… Pap Smears aren’t fun. The only test to sample tissue for cervical cancer just happens to be one of the most embarrassing and awkward. But it can be one of the most life saving and simple. So what is it and how does it work? Here’s your questions answered. What is the cervix and what is cervical cancer? The uterus looks similar to a light bulb. The larger top portion being where the fetus develops, and the bottom, narrower area, the cervix. The cervix thins and dilates during childbirth, as you’ve heard in the movies “she’s only…
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