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Reality Check

You called the priests that abused young males pedophiles.
The victims were same sex and post pubescent.Therefore they were never pedophiles but homosexual predators.
LGBT types try their best to confuse what  pedophiles and a homosexual pr...

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I can believe you called the President weed "addict" and an asshole on live radio... You can't say that. I have made an official complaint with the FCC. Not professional... You are an embarrassment to not just us African Americans but people as a who...

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I am listening to him advocating killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood  and throwing pig guys in their graves. He bases this on Pershing's treatment of the so-called "Filipino insurrection" (which is what imperialists call the Filipinos fi...

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Watch this video, it will save you from lossing IQ points and sums up the show very well. this stupid fukk! O0

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The abortion mandate is unconstitutional in Obamacare.  The SCOTUS should follow the constitution and not public opinion.  Have you ever been polled?

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