• Shattering Myths

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Shattering Myths

Is it in podcast mode now? no more calls?
tried calling the show on 11/25, no answer. Is a phone number still 877-300-7645 ?
Was going to ask about http://www.yhwh-qra.com/gen-11-16.aspx
2 And Abram said, Adonai YAHWEH, what will You...

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So recently i tried to get help on FB in group called "unpopular truth"
Unfortunately i was able to get answers only for 4 questions before i gat booted. But here is the quotations.
1 did Noah build an altar? (after being saved).
2 can...

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Yada,  I heard you yesterday about people who do not adhere to the miqra in whole or part.  You stated that as long as they desire to know Yah they will most likely be accepted.  Do you think that it also applies to circumcision?  It sounds a lot lik...

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