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To Webster I say that I do not back nor do I support Donald Trump, however it would be interesting for you explain why you have deserted those "Heroic Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army " as you once called them five plus years ago. The same Syrian Ara...

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The obvious answer is that the virtue-signaling, insult-spewing, tantrum-throwing Hillarycrats who compose the anti-Trump cult would wax hysterical and insist over and over again that this is proof that Trump is a "racist" and a "white suprema...

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It takes quite an imagination not to see the obvious contradiction between what Webster Tarpley was saying about the so-called "Affordable" Care Act seven years ago and what he's saying about it now.


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I thought I'd post the following article just for you, Webster.



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I stopped listening to WCR some months ago b/c of the one-track attack on Trump while making no MENTION of Killary's crimes and her generally being wholly unfit to be POTUS (see: decapitation of Libya. Especially significant being Tarpley showed up a...

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