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I stopped listening to WCR some months ago b/c of the one-track attack on Trump while making no MENTION of Killary's crimes and her generally being wholly unfit to be POTUS (see: decapitation of Libya. Especially significant being Tarpley showed up a...

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Imagine if Webster had been around during the French Revolution "They are anti French they dont like our French government institutions" as he claims Trump doesnt liek American ones.

Only reason USA needs  immigration is the pathetic birth...

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Webster, in light of your consistent refusal to apply to Hillary Clinton even a fraction of the scathing scrutiny and armchair psychoanalysis that you routinely apply to Trump, I think it's reasonable to say at this point that -- if you're trying to ...

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If not, then would you stop pretending that it is?

Thanks a bunch.

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He claims that the U.S. has never supported fascism.

How about:

Franco in Spain.
Salazar in Portugal.
Pinochet in Chile.
The Greek colonels.
Rios Mont in Guatemala.
Suharto in Indonesia.... read more

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