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The original air date of this show was January 25, 2016 hour two.

China clone factory: http://flowofwisdom.com/2016/01/24/china-clone-factory-scientist-eyes-human-replication/

Lucifer breakdown:...

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Originally aired live on Feb 14, 2016 Hour One. Author Julie Busby shares her compelling story of being admitted into a psych ward conspired by her husband. She shares a chilling story of demonic attacks and spiritual warfare.

Listen to...

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First off, I'm on medication now to supposedly control my episodes. I haven't had an episode since Spring of 2011, when I had my 2nd full blown episode, to the point of writing all over my walls because I ran out of paper. Somewhere between running o...

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Prior to going live on Flow Of Wisdom radio on Sunday November 8th, I received a call related to the missile test off the coast of California.

The trident missile test from the Ohio Class submarine was to see if the launch of a nuclear...

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