• Vikings’ Rick Spielman is the funnest GM to watch work on draft day
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    Vikings’ Rick Spielman is the funnest GM to watch work on draft day Following the Minnesota Vikings at DraftFest at U.S. Bank Stadium was a whole lot harder than it was to do so on Twitter thanks to general manager Rick Spielman, who has made 24 draft day trades over four drafts and made seven trades over the three days of the 2017 NFL Draft. Spielman was the biggest reason why the 2017 NFL Draft had the most trades ever. He didn’t change his approach from years past, and it paid off again. Spielman had to know this year’s draft would be deep when it came to the Vikings’ needs (OL, RB, LB, S) when he moved a 2017 first-round pick (No. 14 overall) for quarterback Sam Bradford. That didn’t stop him from getting first-round talent, though. Spielman traded up to get Dalvin Cook, who fell to No. 41 overall mostly due to off-field issues despite being the top running back on multiple analysts’ big boards. No general manager should avoid drafting a player because he has incidents of growing up. These are kids after all, and kids make mistakes. The greatest rookie of all time, Randy Moss, spent time in jail before falling to the Vikings at No. 21 overall, and 20…
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  • Modern Education (Indoctrination): The Making of Slaves
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    Modern Education (Indoctrination): The Making of Slaves “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.” –John D. Rockefeller, created the General Education Board (GEB) in 1903 to dispense Rockefeller funds to education It has been documented that former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew that they were slaves.” What a powerful statement. Yet, how true it is. The Adults Do remember when Architect of Romneycare, or Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber said, “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage… And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” Do you recall when the late Senator John Glenn said, “Americans just want us…not to be concerned if they can be constitutionally justified…Why if we had to do that (Follow the rule of the Constitution), we could not enact most laws we enact around here.” There’s no better way to make slaves out of men than to pervert and reverse law, and to redefine their…
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  • Heineken’s Amazing “Worlds Apart” Ad Draws Overwhelming Praise (and a little bit of controversy)
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    Heineken’s Amazing “Worlds Apart” Ad Draws Overwhelming Praise (and a little bit of controversy) If you have not watched Heineken’s, “Worlds Apart Experiment”, you should take four minutes and do so. The experiment ad quickly went viral with most of social media & the internet heaping high praise for its tasteful, simple approach in tackling controversial topics. I agree. It’s lovely and I adore it. I’ve watched it several times and I think it’s an important, very well produced video. It’s also completely staged. Now, by, “staged” I don’t mean, “fake.” The video was produced by a UK based ad agency called Publicis London. I think they do an exceptionally fine job of realistic deception. For context, I worked in video / film on and off fort twenty years, I ran hundreds of casting sessions in NYC, I’ve directed a thousand actors and I’ve spent about fifty thousand hours on set and in an editing booth. I can spot an actor ad-libbing from ten paces away. I can also spot -- acting. No matter how good. I bring this up because the minor backlash against the ad comes from a feeling that it’s staged and that the people in the experiment are actors saying scripted lines which, to them, means the entire thing is…
    Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us? #OpenYourWorld Heineken presents ‘Worlds Apart’ An Experiment.
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  • The Love Curse of the MN Vikings: Open Letters to Bradford, Bridgewater and Peterson
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    The Love Curse of the MN Vikings: Open Letters to Bradford, Bridgewater and Peterson I am just like you. Like you, I have a favorite NFL team. Perhaps we share the same team, perhaps not. Like you, I’m no expert in football but again, like you, I’ve watched a lot of games. Every Sunday and Monday. And now sometimes on Thursday. And watching a lot of football has -- well, you know -- pretty much made me an expert. Just like you. I love the Minnesota Vikings. I don’t know why. Season after season of disappointment, regret and shame. I blame "The Curse." Okay, to be fair, we all know that curses don’t actually exist. Except for the one on the MN Viking, obviously! Maybe there is no curse. Maybe all the other Super Bowl winners catch lucky breaks and the Vikings just happen to catch unlucky breaks. Repeat. Or maybe it’s Murphy’s Law. Or maybe it’s the coaching staff. Or the owner. Or the players. Or the fans. Or the curse. Whatever it is, it certainly is exciting. I mean, the 1998 Vikings go 15-1 and still find a way for “Automatic Anderson” to miss a field goal and lose in the Championship game. I’m sure eighties / early nineties Bills fans feel…
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  • Made in America: Transportation made in the U.S.A.
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    Made in America: Transportation made in the U.S.A. So you’ve built the all-American home, furnished it with American-made appliances and furniture, filled the fridge with food made in the U.S.A. and use American energy sources to run your appliances, lights and heat. But America is vast, and you want to see it all. If you tried to travel 2,680 miles in any direction in almost any country, you’d end up in an ocean. But not in America. The U.S.A. is known for its diversity, both demographically and geographically. That geographic diversity wouldn’t be possible if America wasn’t the third largest nation. That vastness requires transportation solutions in order for Americans to see their nation. American-made Shoes When you’re not going far, you can walk in American-made shoes. I would recommend Keen for all-purpose shoes. I’ve been wearing a pair I got at an REI garage sale for about five years. Red Wing and Wolverine make the best boots money can buy. My dad has worn Red Wing boots to work for over 40 years and has a pair of Wolverine galoshes for wet days. Schnee’s in Bozeman, Montana, makes the best hiking boots I’ve seen. There aren’t many options for sneakers made in America, but SOM Footwear is…
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Host: Bradlee Dean, of Sons of Liberty

The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand; A nation of fierce countenance"  -Deuteronomy 28:49-50

In May of 2011, I had the opportunity to give the opening prayer to the House of Representatives at the state capital in Minnesota.  That door was opened at the request of a local representative named Ernie Leidiger R-District 47 A, to which I gladly responded.
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Host: Bradlee Dean, of Sons of Liberty

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death."
-- Adolf Hitler

Yesterday, The Clarion project brought us "Perhaps the Most Barbaric ISIS Execution Video Ever."

Is it not amazing how these videos are conveniently distributed, as well as done professionally with jib arms and duel cameras? Of course, it would not be complete without sound effects, which are all inclusive.

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Host: Erskine, Erskine Overnight

Erskine Overnight
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December 17rd & 18th 2016 Saturday/Sunday
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Lowell Ponte  is the man for all reasons. He worked as Roving Editor of Reader's Digest for 15 years reporting in 33 countries. He hosted radio talk programs that were syndicated to over 300 stations. He's the author of (1976) The Cooling...... read more
Host:  Jim Brown , Jim Brown's Common Sense

Remember the old knock on presidential candidate John Kerry back in the 2004 presidential election? "I was for it before I was against it." Today, about the single worst charge that can be made against any conservative Republican politician is that they support Obamacare.  President-Elect Trump said during the recent campaign that his first act would be to abolish Obamacare. And the key component is requiring every citizen to buy health insurance.

But here's the problem for GOP legislators. For decad...... read more
From Michael Olson, host of the Food Chain

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, Michael Olson's Food Chain Radio Show hosts Elaine Khosrova, author of Butter: A Rich History, for a conversation about our relationship with butter.

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, Michael Olson's Food Chain Radio Show hosts Elaine Khosrova, author of Butter: A Rich History, for a conversation about our relationship with butter.

Topics include a look at our history with butter; why the powers-that-be tried to talk us out of our relationship with...... read more