• In Wyoming, Three Cats Test Positive for the Plague
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    In Wyoming, Three Cats Test Positive for the Plague In the last 6 months, three cats in Wyoming have tested positive for the plague. Currently there are no known humans affected, however, under 10 human cases on average occur each year in the United States. The type of plague the cats tested positive for was bubonic. So here’s the breakdown. What causes the plague? The plague as we know it is most commonly caused by a bacteria called, Yersinia pestis. How does one come down with the plague? The victim usually acquires the plague from being bit by a flea who fed on infected animals such as rodents, or…
    Written on 01/18/2019 @ 7:13pm in Health
  • UCLA Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Scores a Perfect 10 (again!)
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    UCLA Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Scores a Perfect 10 (again!) I am no gymnastics expert, but I certainly know a thing or two about a thing or two. In fact, back in the prehistoric age of the 90’s, I watched as Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller dominated American gymnastics and headed with high hopes into the 92 Barcelona Olympics. Alas, things didn’t work out for that team. It wasn’t until the 96 games that the Magnificent Seven - Amanda Borden, Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Jaycie Phelps and Kerri Strug became the first US team to win the gold medal, as well as winning individuals medals for…
    Written on 01/16/2019 @ 11:00pm in Sports
  • January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
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    Let’s face it… Pap Smears aren’t fun. The only test to sample tissue for cervical cancer just happens to be one of the most embarrassing and awkward but it can be one of the most life saving and simple. So what is it and how does it work? Here’s your questions answered. What is the cervix and what is cervical cancer? The uterus looks similar to a light bulb. The larger top portion being where the fetus develops, and the bottom, narrower area, the cervix. The cervix thins and dilates during childbirth, as you’ve heard in the movies “she’s only…
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  • Gillette's New Ad is Equally Loved/Hated (trending towards hated)
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    Wow. Gillette sure hit the viral jackpot with their new We Believe: The Best Men Can Be, commercial (this is the same video link that is on the front page). And by viral, I don’t only mean “good” because there seems to be about twice as much pushback and rage than positivity. I mean, Piers Morgan really hated it (which, probably means it can't be all bad, right?) That being said it’s generally drawing overwhelming critical praise from social media, lots of news sites and … well, critics. But that was day one. By day two, pushback began and now…
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  • Dental Floss Study Suggests Exposure to “Toxic Chemicals”
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    Dental Floss Study Suggests Exposure to “Toxic Chemicals” UNWAXED DENTAL FLOSS OR WATER PICKS MAY OFFER LESS EXPOSURE TO PFA’S. The concept of dental floss was first introduced in 1819 by Levi Spear Parmly, who recommended a waxed silk thread to remove food particles away from the teeth and gums. Dental floss was later patented by Johnson & Johnson in 1898 and it’s been a dental favorite ever since. I’m a fan as too many people brush their teeth haphazardly and fail to adequately clean in between the teeth. Now a study from the Silent Spring Institute and Public Health Institute in Berkeley, California, suggest that users may…
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  • A Second Discovery of Repeating Fast Radio Signals (from space!)
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    A Second Discovery of Repeating Fast Radio Signals (from space!) We’re living in the future, for sure. In a galaxy, far, far away something is send radio waves our direction. But before you get excited at visitors from benevolent galaxies or terrified of green tentacled alien horrors, that “something,” is probably "nothing." Well, not “nothing” as in “absolutely nothing.” Just, probably not aliens. The most likely theory being tossed around is that the noise is coming from, “astrological phenomenon.” Which, thanks by the way Scientist Folks-because that tells us absolutely nothing! I mean, right? Because “astrological phenomenon” could be, literally-anything happening out in space! (But, probably it means something like…
    Written on 01/11/2019 @ 10:55pm in Technology
  • Has College Football Become a Pro Sport?
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    Has College Football Become a Pro Sport? It’s the end of the college football season with Clemson taking a resounding victory over favored Alabama. The year also produced a financial bonanza for top tier football schools all over the country. ESPN has paid some 7 billion dollars for the rights to telecast just seven games a year over the next 12 years. Television revenue has doubled for major college football programs over last year. Stadiums are expanding and ticket sales are at an all-time high. So let’s ask this question-is it all about the money? Initially, college football and other athletic programs were supposed to be extracurricular…
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  • Flu Now Widespread in Multiple States
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    Flu Now Widespread in Multiple States The CDC has reported an increase in flu activity during our 52nd week of the year ending on 12/29/18. The CDC reports outpatient visits for influenza-like illness (ILI) jumped to 4.1%, above the national baseline of 2.2%. The CDC states the following: New York City and 19 states experienced high ILI activity; nine states experienced moderate ILI activity; the District of Columbia and 10 states experienced low ILI activity; and Puerto Rico and 12 states experienced minimal ILI activity. States experiencing high ILI activity include: Alabama Arizona Colorado Georgia Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Mississippi Nevada New Jersey New…
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  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: Round II
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    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: Round II The 116th Congress opened today with second time speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) as Speaker of the House. Despite the pointless “Never Nancy” posturing of several freshman (and a few veteran) Congress Folk - Nancy Pelosi is the first and second woman to hold the role of Speaker. She’s also the first congressperson to win the role a second time since 1955. That being said, in order to appease some of the vocal “Never Nancy” folks, Pelosi made some behind closed doors deals with them (which, is all they wanted in the first place) and agreed to step down as Speaker…
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  • New Year's Resolution: Make $10 million - by playing video games (like this guy does...)
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    New Year's Resolution: Make $10 million - by playing video games (like this guy does...) If you’re a gamer you are already well versed in Twitch and know the name Ninja like the back of your hand, but for most folks, mentioning either will make them say, “What, who?” and “Ninja’s are cool.” Well, I mean - obviously that’s what they’d say because ninjas are cool (and by cool I mean, totally sweet!). And also, because - Ninja’s have real ultimate power! But I digress. So, what is exactly is Twitch and how does one make $10 million dollars on it? Well, according to Wikipedia: “Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch…
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