• Hirelings in the pulpits of American churches are teaching sheep to submit to wolves in government who are seeking to devour
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    I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs. -Fredrick Douglass former slave, abolitionist Just recently, while speaking at an event, I heard a preacher ask the question to the congregants why, in the state that America is in today, it is that ministries such as Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Pat Robertson etc have not taken to the streets in protest concerning corruption within the government (Matthew 16:17-19). Many of these national ministries are put up to keep the people down (1 Kings 13:33). The fruit proves the seed (Matthew 7:16). In fact, they…
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  • Health risks from wildfire smoke
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    Health risks from wildfire smoke As thousands of acres burn in Southern California, those residents lucky enough to escape the flames worry what consequences could result in inhaling the smoke. What is in wildfire smoke? According to the EPA, smoke emanating from forest and community fires may include any of the following: Carbon monoxide, which competes with oxygen in the blood Carbon dioxide, a respiratory byproduct Wood particles Formaldehyde Acrolein – used as a pesticide Benzene Plastics, and those byproducts after incineration and thousands of different respiratory irritants. According to the EPA, Smoke is composed primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor,carbon monoxide, particulate matter, hydrocarbons…
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  • Medicare hypocrisy for all
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    Medicare hypocrisy for all Ever since Senator Bernie Sanders made “Medicare for All” (M4A) the centerpiece of his campaign, it has attracted support, and others have joined the bandwagon. In a Kaiser Family Foundation poll earlier this year, 56 percent of respondents and 81 percent of Democrats backed “a national health plan, sometimes called Medicare for all,” which has been used to assert a mandate for M4A. Medicare’s Unfunded Liability Since exactly what M4A details (where the devil lurks) are less than crystal clear, and even the best-articulated versions are more like political talking points than complete plans, backed by questionable, if not provably…
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  • "No treason, no bribery, no criminal conduct"
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    Oooooh…The President said “Bullshit” in a tweet as a description of Adam Schiff’s and Nancy Pelosi’s actions in the latest kafuffle regarding his phone call with the President of the Ukraine. That’s a comment even Schiff can understand. And at least two of the three broadcast TV news divisions could not resist mentioning it. This is nuts. You want an enemy of the people? Just watch the evening news. Even during the dog days of Viet Nam it wasn’t this bad. ABC and CBS should be ashamed. Most of these clowns cannot see or admit that something smells, even when…
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  • Joker, a spoiler free review.
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    Joker, a spoiler free review. I know that everyone is endlessly reporting Impeachment news and we weighed in on it too here at GCN. We have an “impeachment is reasonable” moderate blue take, and an “impeachment is unreasonable” conservative red take. But I’m already sick of reading Ukrainian connected impeachment news and that story has only been around for a few weeks. So, instead - let’s talk about comic book movies! Joker. Directed by Todd Phillips. Screenplay by Todd Phillips & Scott Silver. Starring Joaquin Phoenix. According to some, mainly liberals, Joker is an incel friendly, dangerous film that humanizes the most infamous psychotic lunatic…
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  • If you think the U.S. is corrupt, here are 6 Countries which can say, “Hold My Beer.”
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    If you think the U.S. is corrupt, here are 6 Countries which can say, “Hold My Beer.” You know the cliché “power corrupts,” but what does corruption look like? Wherever people have a little bit of power over other people, at least some will misuse it. Most people are not evil or cruel, but if they think they’ll get away with it, they’ll game the system to get rich. Each year, at least 5 percent of the global gross domestic product (GDP) is wasted by corruption. Corruption makes everything cost more. You might be forced to pay bribes for a permit to build your house, pay police to use roads or bridges, pay kidnappers to avoid violence,…
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  • Pelosi, Schiff and the Left are channelling the "Big Lie Theory!"
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    Let’s say that during a previous administration, this nation had a Vice President who is such a nebbish that he personifies what former Vice President John Nance Garner meant when he called the office a “warm bucket of spit.” And, let’s say that when he was a sitting Vice President he took his son, a drug addict who was kicked out of the Navy, on Air Force Two to China and a Chinese bank “invested” a BILLION and a HALF dollars in his son’s “private equity” firm. And, let’s say that the same son was given a board seat in…
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  • Weird News: Woman from pro-Trump group, spouts baby-eating rant in order to troll AOC's town hall meeting
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    Weird News: Woman from pro-Trump group, spouts baby-eating rant in order to troll AOC's town hall meeting AOC was holding a town hall meeting in Queens, when a woman stood up and … well … ranted crazy person stuff. The video (linked on the front page) captures the entire thing. The woman acts agitated because no one is taking climate control seriously but then she quickly switches gears to throw out these oddities: “I’m happy that you are really supporting a Green New Deal, but it’s not enough … we don’t have enough time … we have to get rid of the babies … even if we were to bomb Russia, we still have too many people,…
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  • Americans say that they "Love their freedoms," but what do they love more?
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    "The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." - John Stuart Mill Quite often, you will find with live feeds on social media memes or posts of Americans declaring their professed love for their freedoms by honoring the fallen soldiers (Or Christ) with their lips (Matthew 15:8). You will also notice other posts on the same feeds magnifying the crimes of the…
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  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness month
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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month Celebrities such as Julia Louise-Dreyfus, Olivia Newton-John, Christina Applegate and Cynthia Nixon have revealed their breast cancer diagnoses, helping raise awareness for the most common cancer to affect women. It’s the second most common cause of cancer death in females. How common is breast cancer? 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 268,000 cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the US with 63,000 cases of non-invasive breast cancer, a rise from last year. 41,700 women and 500…
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