Author Topic: Candy Crowley Denies Rumor She Will Advise Presidential Campaign  (Read 8779 times)

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by American sociobiologist, Rebecca D. Costa

Since her departure from CNN, Candy Crowley has been inundated with speculation and questions as to what her next move will be. Following nearly three decades as Chief White House Correspondent for the cable network, rumors that Crowley had been recruited by the Clinton campaign went viral. But in a recent interview on The Costa Report, Crowley scoffed at the idea: "That will not happen," she said, adding, "there is no way I would join a campaign…to me that's the dark side."

During the interview, Crowley also took the opportunity to express concern over the recent Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. "These are very uncertain times, and what we're seeing is that no place is immune," she said.  "When you really look at it, poverty tends to be at the core of a lot of what ails the world."  As a veteran journalist, she believes the connection between systemic poverty and terrorism has not been adequately reported on by the media. She would like to see more in-depth coverage on the growing financial divide between the world's poorest and wealthiest factions – a condition which has created desperation and instability. "There has to be some way to bring this [issue] home to the land of the plenty," Crowley said.

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