Author Topic: Hate speech is not the same as free speech.  (Read 6482 times)


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Hate speech is not the same as free speech.
« on: December 22, 2014, 07:09:10 pm »
With all the dead cop chants while the NYPD let protesters march through the streets of NYC, one has to wonder why protests continue right now. As I said on the program, could they not wait even one night out of a sense of decency (at best) or how badly it looks (at least)? As for the "blood" on the hands, shoes, feet, faces and other body parts of people who promoted peaceful protest, is this all their fault? Or, is there some personal responsibility for protesters to denounce (just as loudly) the execution of two NYPD police officers.

As someone who supports freedom of speech, I recognize, as should others that chanting about killing cops is not acceptable. It will now hurt what is a righteous cause; to eliminate instances of police brutality. All outsiders see right now is the hate speech and the executions.


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