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Movie Review John Wick
« on: November 04, 2014, 05:03:14 pm »
Movie Review: John Wick
Mike Siegel
This movie is an entertaining video game. We are all asked to “suspend disbelief” when we experience a movie. In this case, it is almost incredulous to do so. The deadly situations faced by John Wick are almost comical and fit the description “imaginary.”
As with many action films of this kind (Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger), acting is almost irrelevant. The action drives the film.
Keanu Reeves, not at the pinnacle as an actor to begin with, spends more time killing his adversaries than building an acting performance.
This movie was intended as a commercial success without any consideration for film quality.
Nevertheless, it is a fun ride and the time passes quickly as we move from action scene to action scene.
Primarily targeting young people, it will no doubt achieve its commercial success and be a video in short order.
If violence is not your forte, it is best you find another film to enjoy.


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