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Joyce GuesT Kurt Haskell IS WRONG ABOUT...
« on: August 22, 2016, 09:59:07 pm »

JOYCE GUEST  K U R T  H A S K E LL    IS WRONG ABOUT COSTA RICA BEING A FREE COUNTRY. Costa Rica is a puppet state of the US, and in many ways it mirrors they way the US government does things. Just like the US Costa Rica is a make believe democracy .22AUG16 --

Mister Haskell said that the US media lies, well so does the COSTARICAN media, probably because of the strong  ties with the US and its  media specially CNN.

2- Costa Rica also has a shadow government of influential and powerful people “ some of Jewish nature” - powerful because of the money they've loiter from the government and its people, just like the US.

3-SECRET  PLAN TO CREATE A JEWISH STATE IN COSTA RICA. The police agent who discovered the plan by accident and when trying to do the right thing for his country, GOT FIRED FROM HIS JOB, HIS ADOLESCENT DAUGHTER WAS KIDNAPPED AND RAPED BY 5 MEN WHOM SHE SAID THEY WERE ALL CIRCUMCISED.

Looks like this costarican when trying to do the right thing he surfed in a much worse manner   the consequences compare to   Mister  Haskell. Rumor has it he was trying to move to the US when that happened. How ironic

4-Mister  Haskell said that he now lives in a free country (Costa Rica) that the government doesn’t lie constantly, no false flags, terrorist acts etc. at least not yet, so in a way his correct, and probably because Costa Rica is not a supper power, but if it was Costa Rica was one, it would be right up there with Israel, England and the US. But not to worry, Costa Rica is doing its best to mimic the US. especially in taking away its citizen rights and putting away its constitution in order to please those how are striving for a one world government.

5-There are many example of how Costa Rica it’s taking away its citizens rights just like in the US. One example is that in 2008. Costarican congress put a law that would do away with the law that said that the state had to prove that the money of a citizens was acquired in a fraudulent matter before legal action could be taken against that person.
For a moment The constitutional court did something right to put it on hold alleging it could infringe on the constitutional rights of its people, but sadly when the new government came in 2015, somehow it was able to bypass its constitutionality[/color]. So now, if a person is randomly stopped by police at a check point and has $5000 or more in cash, he could be arrested for money laundering and his money confiscated until he can prove where he got it from.

6-Costaricas  cities/towns and country side is being inundated with CCTV cameras and other wifi electronic devices like the ones installed  eligibly in some cities to spy on citizen via their cell phones.
There was an incident where a bank costumer was coming out the bank with considerable amount of money.  Was assaulted when coming out of the bank and robed. The victim went to the municipality in order to see the public street video but was denied. So they tried different venues in order to get access to the videos, all with no success. so finally they took it up to the court systems but to no avail, also denied. So you see it’s just like in the US when a terrorists attack people want see the videos, but there is none.

7-In Costa Rica when you want to build a construction it could take months or years to do it legally due to all the red tape and permits. But somehow there is very little red tape when putting up cell phone towers that are popping up like pop corn all over Costa Rica. There  could be up to 5 towers in 3000 foot radius. (I could got into my theory of why so many towers but that would be another topic)

8-There is a government agency called the “La DIS” which was supposed to be done away because its only use was as an intelligence agency in the 1980s due to the contra war with Nicaragua. The new government of president Solis said they were going to close it, but once Solis got into power he change his mind.“La DIS” was caught illegally taping into a news reports phone due to some government corruption he was trying to report on.
“La DIS” has become the costarican version of the CIA. Not to mention they are good friends with the FBI and the CIA. And who’s not to say that also with israel's mossad agency and MI16

9-GMO, a cashless society, government want to know every thing its citizen does, want TPP, forcing vaccines on citizens, forcing to go into the homes and spry chemicals that could cause, microcephaly, electronically spying on its citizens, fluoride in the water, wind mills the produce electricity that are useless, promoting the homosexual agenda, taking away the male litership role in the family with new laws, implementing agenda 21, militarizing the police, zika mosquito lies,  Government promoting homosexuality as something normal in the public school system in children “first graders and above”, welcomes illegal’s, ,Raising the homosexual flag at the presidential residency etc.So you see, all the filth from the US Costa Rica also adopts

I could go on and on, on all the new world order agenda or whatever anybody wants to call it, that goes on in Costa Rica.

I guess its better that mister  Kurt Haskell  sit  back enjoy Costa Rica while he can, and do nothing to upset the US, because if the US tells Costa Rica to deport or annoy you I’m pretty sure Costa Rica will be more than happy to  oblige.

But I very much admire people like Joyce Riley, Kurt Haskell, the costarican police agent and every person out there that is trying to do what’s morally right for his family, community, country and just doing what he or she can to make this a better world to live in.

We all should pray for them every single day- for their well-being and their loved ones.
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Re: Joyce GuesT Kurt Haskell IS WRONG ABOUT...
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Haskell lost me with his list of false flag clues. Some of those are easily explained by normal, consequential events. The list is too broad and ethereal.


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