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Guest: Sgt. Charlie Eippers, Author - "Jesus Christ on Killing"
« on: October 30, 2014, 07:06:32 pm »
This week, Larry Pratt interviews Sgt. Charlie Eippers - Police Officer and Author
Host – Larry Pratt, Executive Director - Gun Owners of America

When he killed a man in the line of duty on Jan. 10, 1999, he was confident that Jesus Christ condoned - even supported - his use of deadly force. He spelled out his convictions - and the Bible's support for them - in his book "Jesus Christ on Killing," self-published March 5. The book is available on Amazon.

Eipper has considered himself a professional warrior in the service of his country for the past 23 years. He served three years as a helicopter pilot in the Army, then 16 years on the Wichita Falls Police Department SWAT team as a sniper and team leader of the gang unit. His service has required him to use deadly force in several incidents. Currently, he is a patrol sergeant.

In the early days, Eipper - a devoted follower of Christ - said he was misinformed about how Jesus viewed his mission of protection and defense. He'd been told killing of any kind was wrong, which was a troubling stance in his line of work. But after studying the Bible with the help of Grace Church Pastor Tom Rodgers, today Eipper is confident that Jesus Christ supports warriors and anyone acting in self-defense.

After three years of intense study for the writing of his book, he is articulate on the subject of Jesus Christ and killing and eager to share it with other military and law enforcement colleagues and Christians.

Eipper's book explains the biblical case for civilian self-defense, the death penalty, law enforcement and war. Such issues are rarely, if ever, addressed in churches, he said. 

Credits to: Ann Work, Wichita Falls Times Record News

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