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RSB cannot help me
« on: December 31, 2015, 09:18:05 pm »
I have been on fixed income and Medicaid (now HMO-controlled in my state) since 1988.

I need and deserve homeopathy-centered care as much as anyone who calls RSB, even though I have not been able to afford non-Medicaid care since 1992.

RSB does not want to believe that people like me exist; either that, or he believes that my family will eventually be made to fund my care. I do not want to make them do that, even though there is this rather-annoying law in my home state that I could invoke, except that nobody in the family is, much less wants to have to hire, a lawyer.

It's impossible for me to determine what a longterm course of homeopathy-centered care will cost, and the rules of this forum forbid me from asking for funds here anyway. I need to find people who receive homeopathy-centered care, and have a private dialogue with them about how my issues can best be addressed.

This has to be taken care of rather soon, however, as the situation in my family and community is very tenuous. I am at nearly constant risk of something happening that will set me back significantly, if not completely impede my efforts.

If you are registered in this forum, please click on my name to the left of this post and follow the instructions to privately send me email, so we can pursue this matter further off-board.


Robert D. Frable, Easton, PA
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