Author Topic: Taking ACTION- City of Austin / County of Travis funding Planned Parenthood  (Read 4589 times)


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I would like some kind of petition to the City of Austin Texas city council, as well as to Travis County Commissioners if applicable, for their giving our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Alex Jones interviewed a lady who lives in nearby Williamson County, Texas, who said that she chose not to live in Travis County for the reason that she knows City of Austin funds with our tax dollars Planned Parenthood.

I cannot find any good indexed list of guests with show dates and I have tried to find that July 2015 show date with that lady who used to be associated with the very effective ProLife activist group in the Bryan / College Station  Texas group.

I just cannot go back and listen to all the July shows of Infowars archives to try to see if I can find the show with that female guest and see if she has contact information.  I feel that she could offer some very good pointers on Austin / Travis County residents launching an effective campaign to have our city and county government STOP NOW all funding of Planned Parenthood.

C'mon folks.  Do you want to DO SOMETHING about this atrocity or do you just want to sit around listening to talk shows and being forever "wakened up" ?  I do not thinking standing out on the streets with signs and reving up protest mentality is the answer to get anything done - been there, done that , on many issues.  We need to take advantage NOW of this political season now as well as the current atrocity story of Planned Parenthood chopping up babies to sell parts.

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