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by American sociobiologist, Rebecca D. Costa

John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi-Cola and Apple Computer, spent his career working alongside visionaries like Steve Jobs. This week on The Costa Report, Sculley spoke about his new book Moonshot!: Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses, and shared his insight on where the next big breakthroughs are likely to come from.
The term "moonshot" is a Silicon Valley metaphor harkening back to JFK's 1961 pledge to land a man on the moon. It's used to describe innovations that "change our world." The internet, iPhone, and cloud computing are all examples of modern day moonshots.

But what will tomorrow's moonshots look like?

According to Sculley, small businesses are the most likely candidates for moonshots. The "market power shift" from large incumbent companies toward small startups which operate on a lean-and-mean basis is underway. Take for example the case of Uber and Airbnb. Sculley claims these up-and-comers represent a new class of "technology service companies" which do not invent or own technology, but leverage it instead. A decade ago, no one would have pegged a service company as the next major disruptor, but these once-humble operations are now shaking up the business world. Prior to Uber, the San Francisco taxi industry was valued at around $140 million. Today, Uber's revenue is at $500 million in San Francisco alone, and the company is presently valued at $45 billion.

While billion-dollar valuations do sound appealing, Sculley makes the point that disruptive technologies and moonshots are created by visionaries who are "driven by a noble cause." Sculley noted that throughout his interactions with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, they never spoke about money or profits. Their driving ambition was to change the world.

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