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Title: Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce
Post by: SingleTax on May 13, 2017, 03:51:36 pm
I thought I'd post the following article just for you, Webster.

http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2017/05/11/shut-down-the-russia-gate-farce/ (http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2017/05/11/shut-down-the-russia-gate-farce/)

Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce

It’s bogus, it’s boring, and it’s hurting the country

by Justin Raimondo
May 12, 2017

The level of lunacy we’ve reached can be measured by the brouhaha over the presence of Russian photographers in the Oval Office during Sergey Lavrov’s visit: no US photographers were allowed, but the Russians somehow got in and the Paranoid Brigade went into overdrive. They may have planted “bugs” there! No, this wasn’t nutjob Louise Mensch, the queen of the Russia-haters, but “former intelligence officials,” including the former deputy director of the CIA, David Cohen.

Given this kind of paranoia, why allow Lavrov in the Oval Office? After all, he could slip a bug into that sanctum just as easily as somehow who works for Tass – indeed, it would be far easier for him to do so, since photographers are routinely searched before they enter, and I doubt the Russian Foreign Minister is subjected to the same procedure.

Aside from that, the same people who are making a fuss about this are convinced the Trump administration is a cabal of Kremlin agents: so why would the Russians even need to plant a bug in the Oval Office? After all, according to the conspiracy theorists, they’re getting the same intelligence directly from the White House.

Yes, folks, I’m really writing about this nonsense. Because that’s where we’re at these days.

Now the conspiracy theorists who have taken over the Democratic party are screaming that the firing of James Comey is all a part of the plot: Trump did it to scotch the year-long investigation into “Russia-gate,” which has so far yielded nothing. The White House denies this, although we’re now hearing a different and probably far more accurate account: the President was pissed off that Comey wasn’t investigating leaks of classified information, and was paying too much attention to the Russia probe.

If this is true, then one can only applaud the White House and urge them to be more upfront about the reason for Comey’s firing. The “Russia-gate” conspiracy theory is total nonsense, is based on completely unsupportable premises, and is bad for the country. The President should quash it, so he can get back to the job he was elected to do.

The whole thing is a media-driven hate campaign that has no relation to the facts: despite the “high confidence” our “intelligence community” says it has that the Russians somehow mysteriously “influenced” our election, the alleged evidence they’ve made public is nothing but a joke. Indeed, it has been repeatedly debunked by cyber-security experts, and yet the media ignores this, just like they ignored the warnings of those of us who challenged the Bush administration’s “high confidence” that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction.”

Hillary Clinton refers to “Russian WikiLeaks” as if it were a foregone conclusion that Julian Assange is an agent of Moscow, but there’s no evidence for this. Just like there’s no evidence for the allegation that the Trump campaign “colluded” with the Russians to deny her the White House: it was the American voters who did that.

In short, the multiple investigations into “Russia-gate” are based on nothing but speculation, innuendo, and unsupportable conspiracy theories – and yet they’re consuming the Congress, the White House, and the law enforcement apparatus that is supposed to be protecting us from real threats. The whole thing is a tiresome theatrical performance that has dragged on long enough: it’s long past time for the actors to take their curtain call, roll up the somewhat tattered scenery, and move on to more serious fare.

[Continued... (http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2017/05/11/shut-down-the-russia-gate-farce/)]
Title: Former FBI Head James Comey Testimony More Spectacle Than Substance
Post by: SingleTax on June 11, 2017, 06:02:16 pm
Stephen Lendman, according to Webster Tarpley's logic, is now officially part of the "alt-left" merely because he refuses to do the Democratic Party's version of Sieg Heil! to the thoroughly discredited "Russia-gate" scandal.

http://www.globalresearch.ca/former-fbi-head-james-comey-testimony-more-spectacle-than-substance/5594055 (http://www.globalresearch.ca/former-fbi-head-james-comey-testimony-more-spectacle-than-substance/5594055)

Former FBI Head James Comey Testimony More Spectacle Than Substance

By Stephen Lendman
Global Research
June 10, 2017

US cable and broadcast channels scheduled its coverage. So did PBS, NPR, the BBC and CBC.

All or parts of it can be watched on C-Span, local TV stations nationwide, YouTube, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and various web sites.

Bars in DC and elsewhere opened early to air it. The Capitol Hill Union Pub offered a free drink every time Trump tweets about his testimony. Schoolteachers intend discussing his testimony with young students.

Trump, his lawyers and other aides tuned in, preparing to respond as necessary.

It’s more spectacle than substantive, much ado about nothing, a tempest in a teapot. Comparing it to the Army-McCarthy hearings or Nixon tapes is pure nonsense.

No smoking guns exist, no blockbuster revelations, nothing to claims about another Watergate or worse, no evidence of obstruction of justice or other wrongdoing in Trump’s face-to-face and telephone conversations with Comey.

The most highly anticipated hearing in decades is all smoke and no fire, all hype and no meat. The most “(un)trust(ed) name in news” headlining “James Comey just went nuclear on Donald Trump” made CNN more of a laughing stock than already.

The hype and surreal atmosphere are bizarre, nothing like it in decades on Capitol Hill.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley mocked it, saying
Releasing his prepared remarks in advance created a media firestorm – twisting and misinterpreting what he said – anything to denigrate Trump, making stuff up out of whole cloth.

He had nothing on Lyndon Johnson, his political career built on a foundation of massive electoral fraud. He was intimidating in dealings with others, bullying them to get his way.

Historian Robert Dallek said he

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Title: Re: Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce
Post by: SingleTax on June 17, 2017, 02:39:00 pm
For you, Webster:

Title: Re: Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce
Post by: SingleTax on June 28, 2017, 08:43:07 am
As a result of completely jumping the shark (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark) on the politically motivated and utterly discredited "Russia-gate" scandal, The Democratic Party operatives posing as "journalists" at CNN have now completely destroyed whatever credibility they might still have had as a "news" organization:


https://www.prisonplanet.com/trump-must-now-revoke-cnns-white-house-press-credentials.html (https://www.prisonplanet.com/trump-must-now-revoke-cnns-white-house-press-credentials.html)

Trump Must Now Revoke CNN’s White House Press Credentials

O’Keefe tape exposes network as anti-Trump activist organization

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
June 27, 2017

President Donald Trump must now consider revoking CNN’s White House press credentials after a new video released by Project Veritas revealed that the network pushes Trump-Russia hysteria despite knowing the whole story is “mostly bullsh*t”.

CNN senior producer John Bonifield was asked about the network’s breathless coverage of the Russia investigation and allegations that Trump colluded with Moscow to influence the election.

“Could be bullsh*t,” Bonifield responded. “I mean, it’s mostly bullsh*t right now.”

In other words, a senior producer at CNN was caught on tape admitting that the network deliberately pushes fake news about Donald Trump.

“I think the president is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun. You have no real proof,” Bonifield went on to say.

He then admitted that CNN pushes the fake news Trump-Russia collusion story to get viewers.

Asked, “Why is CNN constantly like Russia this, Russia that?,” Bonifield responds, “Because it’s ratings. … Our ratings are incredible right now.”

Three CNN journalists were also just forced to resign after the network apologized for pushing another fake news story about Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci being linked to a Russian investment fund.

[Continued... (https://www.prisonplanet.com/trump-must-now-revoke-cnns-white-house-press-credentials.html)]


Will Webster Tarpley apologize to his listeners for having wasted so much time waxing alarmist about this nothingburger (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/us/nothingburger)?

Will he simply stop talking about it and hope that his listeners conveniently forget the enthusiasm with which he hopped on the Russia-gate bandwagon?

Or will he stubbornly go on promoting this fake news story for egotistical reasons, and consequently do to his own credibility what the rabid anti-Trumpers at CNN did to theirs?

We shall soon see.
Title: Re: Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce
Post by: SingleTax on August 11, 2017, 07:14:18 pm
Hi Webster!