Author Topic: Genesis Communications Network Says Goodbye to Dr. Stan Monteith  (Read 6178 times)


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Genesis Communications Network (GCN), is sad to confirm the passing of Dr. Stan Monteith, host of Radio Liberty. Dr. Monteith was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma a few months ago, and sadly passed away on the afternoon of Monday, September 29, 2014. GCN CEO had this to say in regards to Dr. Monteith's passing.

Our sadness regarding the passing of Dr. Stan Monteith and the deafening silence of Radio Liberty will be heart felt for many years. Dr. Monteith is clearly a pioneer in the fight for freedom individual rights and the cause for liberty. Working tirelessly on the radio many hours a week blazed the trail for many others to follow in his crusade against mercantilism, crony capitalism, and over reaching government. He has now passed along the torch of liberty for us to carry forward and live out his legacy. GCN honors this ground breaking maverick and sends our love to his family.

Dr. you will be missed...
Ted Anderson

Dr. Monteith's family thanks everyone for his or her condolences and hopes that Stan's legacy continues to live on. Genesis Communications Network sadly mourns the passing of Dr. Monteith, as he helped shape and grow the network into what it is today as one of the pioneer programs during GCN's conception. We appreciate all you've done Dr. will be missed.

Share your favorite memories or stories with us below, we and the family would love to hear them.


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