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Surviving a Rigged Economy
« on: November 17, 2014, 10:25:19 am »
By: Phil Grande, Phil's Gang

For years now we've been telling people that the markets are rigged, and yet for the most part people didn't really believe it. We heard all the excuses why it supposedly couldn't be, from "the markets are too big to rig" to "only conspiracy nuts believe that".  But over time, more and more people have realized that we've been right all these years.

Politics and the market cannot be totally separated. Why? Because the politicians enact into law the various rules, and regulations that we all have to abide by. But they also set into motion the spending, and any time there's money to be spent, there's someone there trying to get their hands on it. Wall Street is a prime example. So, you can virtually consider that Wall Street and the White house are connected at the hip.

With the current administration being caught up in such scandals as the IRS missing E-mails, the Benghazi fiasco, the open border issue, the NSA spying mess, the Fast and Furious program and so many other things...the American Voter has decided he's seen too many lies and deceits. He finally awoke to the idea that everyone is lying to him. I guess the icing on the cake was just this week when the architect of the Obama-Care plan stated on TV that it was passed with deception and the "Stupidity of the American Voter".

Eventually he'll come to realize that the stock market, the metals market, and the Forex market have been and continue to be...rigged.  In the past 4 years the major banks have been hit with approximately 35 billion dollars in litigation fees, fines and penalties for all manner of fraud, and manipulations. These have ranged from Robo-mortgage signings, to Foreign exchange rigging, to insider trading, the so called "whales", to of course the LIBOR fixing and metals manipulations.

On Wednesday we learned that 5 major banks would be hit with over 3 billion in fines for rigging the Forex market. UBS in particular was even mentioned to have "issues" concerning Silver market manipulation. Inside the charges we saw such gems as trader's front running client accounts, running off stop loss levels, and bid stacking with fake quotes.  But the main stream media isn't talking about it. They're not allowed to report the real news, just the latest Hollywood gossip.

Yet because the stock market is rigged to go UP instead of down, no one seems to mind the enormity of the problem. A lot of folks still think the stock market is a reflection of an economy's strength and figure that if it's going up, things must be improving. But things aren't improving; no more than if you like your healthcare provider you can keep your healthcare provider. It's a scam.

The problem is that one day this Ponzi scheme will indeed end. No matter how many times they change the game, or come up with new ways to manipulate the markets, all this will end in a spectacular crash. You can break the rules of law, but you cannot break the rules of nature. All things come back to neutral, just like no high goes for ever, no low goes for ever and no Ponzi lasts for ever.

So my point to you all is this...forgets listening to the talking heads on financial TV. Forget the Wall Street analysts and their stock pushing commentary. Everything they tell you is a lie, or a distortion. The jobs numbers, the inflation numbers, corporate earnings, Unemployment, growth, trade, all of a lie. Forget the idiot politicians with their home grown agenda's. They don't care about you; they care about money, control and staying in power.

The only thing you can ever rely on is your own research and the facts. Think about it like this; how on earth can you make sound decisions about your financial future if all the data you are hearing is fake?? You cannot.
This is why we use technical analysis to base the bulk of all our investments. The charts don't lie to us. They're a roadmap of where the prices really are, and the patterns they create can guide you to making good decisions.

If you want to survive in a world full of lies you either need to learn how to do your own research about the facts of any matter, or you need to follow someone like us. Think about how much better off you'd be if you had known in 2000 that the market was about to crash, or in 2005 when we told everyone to forget buying a house because the market was in a bubble?  How much better would you have slept in 2008 - 09 by being short the market crash, and making money on the way down, instead of losing your shirt like so many did?

You survive in a rigged economy by using raw facts, and the associated knowledge to help you navigate the landscape. You survive a rigged market by NOT listening to anyone that makes money selling you stock. Remember folks, these people have an agenda wherein they make money by the amount of stocks they can push.  Ignore them.

We have an agenda too. It is to help people make money long or short. We don't sell stocks. We don't sell hyped up fundamentals. Our only agenda is this...helping you make and keep your money. If Wall Street was really designed to do that, we'd be out of business. But we're not out of business, we continue to grow as more and more people realize just how incredibly screwed they're getting from the main line sources and come to us for help.

The wheels will come off this Central banking planned market and economy, that you can bet on. If you're aware of how they've rigged it and why; you've certainly got a leg up on most. If you want even more help, give us a ring. Taking money from Wall Street is one of our biggest joys, and we can show you how to do it. Keeping the money we take from Wall Street is even more enjoyable, as we'll be out of the markets or even going short, when they finally pull the rug on this.  Unlike Wall Street or the slimy politicians, we really are here to help, and we do it every day.  Stop by our site and learn how we do it at  and we'll see you on the charts.


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