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I Don't Thank Veterans Anymore
« on: November 11, 2014, 03:44:01 pm »
I Don't Thank Veterans Anymore
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
By Tony Stiles
It sounds harsh to those who have been basking in the sunshine of ignorance brought to you by the great indoctrination nation of America. To those "awakened" with eyes wide open, this statement isn't shocking in the slightest. Without compromise, I have found a way to appreciate the human in uniform; not the uniform.
It seems there is no meeting ground between the two ways of thinking. You're either a proud American bleeding the national colors or else you're labeled by the ignorant as a hater who should "get out" of "their country" because you're not foolish enough to believe America is Star Spangled awesome. Where can these two very different mindsets come together?
First a premise must be set and kept. We can all agree that the government is tyrannical, or is at least moving in such a dangerous direction. It could be argued otherwise, but only by internet trolls and government plants. We can also all agree that a dislike for military is patriotic in a tyrannical society. After all, a tyrannical government (or any government, depending on your beliefs) shouldn't be given so much power over people; especially the people of America whose independence hinges on those three powerful words, "We the People."
With this premise, we can now move forward and draw a simple conclusion that government controlled military in a society for the people is a step closer to complete tyranny. However, this day is about the troops who wore that uniform - not about the tyranny that the uniform represents. What has become askew is the separation between the individual and the uniform. To continue, we must now define the word "individual."
Individual (noun)1. a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.
The question now becomes, "is the individual in the uniform responsible for their allegiance to tyranny and the death caused by the system they joined?" Since a person's character can only be on an "individual" basis the answer is obvious, but now judgement sways on their individual reason for joining the military. Was it because they wanted to kill Nazis? Was it because they wanted to kill Bin Laden? Was it because they wanted to kill....kill....kill....WTF? Is it an admirable trait to want to kill? There's a word for this kind of person and it's called a "psychopath." Nobody should want to kill. It's unnatural and unhealthy. If you disagree, you're probably a psychopath as well.
There is an ignorance clause though. Those who join the military and don't understand how such a tyrannical military is not actually a military of the people, are exempt until they hear and welcome the truth about this society. Once they learn and understand how dangerous and unethical it is, they have a choice.
I can already hear the feeble minded screaming about national security. An issue so near and dear to the hearts of the media lemming. First of all, the amount of money allocated for national security and military spending is an outrage. Second, the introduction of a peoples' military focused on issues that the people see as a threat, instead of what Washington or the media tells people is a threat, would not only cost less but also create less worldwide hate towards America.
Without compromise, I have found a way to appreciate the human in uniform; not the uniform. As we must come to conclude, all non-psychopaths joined the military with blissfully ignorant good intentions. An individual cannot be blamed for the injustices committed until they are aware of the injustice. The solution is simple: show a man or woman in a uniform how much you love them and respect them as an individual by sharing what true freedom means. Love creates love. Hate creates hate. What will you create this Veteran's Day?


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