Classic Radio Theater Clock, Mon-Fri

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Legend Time NetCue Type Length
HH:00:00 - Top of the Hour News 05:00
HH:05:00 K1 Local Break 01:00
HH:06:00 K2 Segment I 20:39
HH:29:50 K1 Local Break 04:10
HH:34:00 K2 Segment II 20:49
HH:57:50 K1 Local Break 02:00
HH:59:50 K13 Station ID 00:10

Westwood One Wegner Satellite: GCN 1 - Classic Radio Theater

  • Program Talk Time: 41:28 min
  • Optional(Does not feed in Wegner): 05:00 min
  • Local Ad Time: 07:10 min
  • Network Breaks: floating
  • Local Breaks: hard time