Friday, 15 September 2017 15:54

"The Heidi Selexa Show" joins GCN Live on Sept. 18th.

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GCN is happy to announce that HEIDI SELEXA will join our broadcast family beginning Monday, September 18th. Her new program -- The Heidi Selexa Show! -- will air from 3:00pm to 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday.


The Heidi Selexa Show is our long-awaited talk show about the world according to Heidi -- as only Heidi sees it!  Heidi’s playful, upbeat take on current events, pop culture and relationships is authentic, refreshing and blended together with a lot of fun. Don’t let her giggle fool you, though, her show cuts deep and inspires you to think.


Heidi’s personality is infectious -- imagine one part Gracie Allen, one part Stockard Channing, a dash of Lucille Ball, two splashes of Goldie Hawn, a zany red burst of Amy Poehler, and a little twist of Jessica Rabbit on Dexatrim (with a side glass of Merlot).  


That’s Heidi.


That’s -- The Heidi Selexa Show! 




“There is nothing a little Dexatrim and Merlot can’t fix…. it’s The Heidi Selexa Show!”