Saturday, 15 July 2017 19:18

People You Should Run into Around the Country

Written by Debbie Nigro
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My pal Larry went to Detroit on business and ran into Oneita Jackson at a restaurant there and brought the word back that I needed to have her on my show, because Oneita Jackson IS Detroit. When I read that Oneita "cracks herself up," I knew she was my kinda girl. 
People on six continents know who she is. She's a trip. Once known for providing the most authentic trips around Detroit, Oneita is the former editor of The Detroit Free Press and The O Street Blog, and the author of two books -- one about bad customer service and the other about assumptions people make about race. Oneita realized one day that she wanted to meet more people, so she decided to drive a cab in Detroit and provide tours of the city to help people "feel" the city. That's how Mercedes Benz heard about her and hired her to wheel around Detroit, Oneita style.
"Meeting strangers, making friends and selling books on the run" is one quote from this awesome piece on Oneita written by Heike Kaufhold for She's MercedesAnyone visiting Detroit needs to look up Oneita Jackson. She's stopped driving a cab so tune in to the top of this weekend's show to find out where you can find her now. She's also @OneitaJackson on Twitter.
Imagine a whole crowd of people wanting to give you money? Where do you sign up for that? With Kerry Walters, crowdfunding specialist and social media expert. Her business is, and it is a crowdfunding campaign consulting, management and optimization company. My head gets crowded trying to understand what Kerry knows.
Kerry has seen the progression of the crowdfunding industry grow digitally since it's inception in the late '90s when she worked in the boom of the dot com industry in Silicon Valley & San Francisco. There she helped bring the first community network of websites and chat software company, Talk City Marketing Group to a public offering.
Kerry has over 20 years in marketing, sales and business development within traditional and emerging media as well as overall business development & small business operations. Her sincere passion for startups has helped bring young companies to be in a position to be sold in under 5 years. Tune in to this week's edition of the meet Kerry.

Timepieces are important generational heirlooms, as are many pieces of jewelry passed on through generations. One of the rarest men in the rare watch world, Roberto, of Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, Conn., says he never tires of people bringing him their grandfathers’ or fathers’ watches to fix, or help people understand their value. Speaking of generations, Manfredi Jewels offers apprenticeships to those interested in learning and carrying on the craftsmanship involved in the fine watch and jewelry business.

Speaking of traditions, Roberto says the one thing that will never go out of style is people “celebrating” milestones by giving a gift of jewelry or a fine watch. Tune in to Saturday's show as World Class Interviews with Debbie Nigro presents "The Man In The Watch World the World Watches," and learn how a 30-year business in Greenwich, Conn. became one of the leading watch stores in the world.


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