Author Topic: Alan Dershowitz Warns United States: ISIS Likely to Adopt Hamas Tactics  (Read 5507 times)

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November 16, 2014


by American sociobiologist, Rebecca D. Costa

Speaking on The Costa Report, renowned lawyer and author, Alan Dershowitz, claimed there is a growing parallel between the threat ISIS poses to the United States, and Hamas' ongoing war with Israel. "Every two years there's going to be another war between Israel and Hamas, because Hamas wins every war of public relations," said Dershowitz, whose newest book, Terror Tunnels: The Case For Israel's Just War Against Hamas, exposes the media-savvy tactics Hamas employs which complicate Israel's ability to retaliate.
Among the latest tactics: a sophisticated network of over 40 subterranean tunnels. The tunnels – which were constructed using resources provided to the Palestinians when Israel ended occupation of Gaza in 2005 – are equipped with electricity, plumbing, railroad tracks and cars, ventilation systems, etc. Each tunnel has been carefully designed with multiple exits – exits strategically placed near Israeli schools and neighborhoods.
Complicating Israel's ability to locate and neutralize the tunnels is the fact that tunnel entrances are hidden within civilian Palestinian homes, mosques, etc. According to Dershowitz, no technology presently exists for detecting tunnels which are 100 feet below the Earth's surface.  Israel estimates it would cost over 3 billion dollars to invent a detection system. As a result, the only way to combat the new subterranean assault is through the use of military ground personnel. 

Dershowitz asserts that Hamas has a long standing tradition of launching attacks, whether subterranean or air, from densely populated civilian neighborhoods, rather than any number of locations in Gaza where few civilians are present. "Hamas uses its civilians to protect its soldiers," said Dershowitz, pointing to the fact that rockets are strategically launched and tunnel entrances are placed in civilian neighborhoods, near schools, shopping areas, etc.

The PR dilemma? According to Dershowitz, when Israel retaliates Hamas seizes the opportunity to produce photographic and video evidence of Israel's vengeful attack on innocent civilians – evidence which the media capitalizes upon. By using civilians as a "human shield" Hamas has devised a highly effective PR campaign, whereas Israel's religious and public policy of concealing the bodies of victims backfires in the court of public opinion. Dershowitz says ISIS is learning from and adopting many of Hamas' successful tactics. He warns that the United States is likely to face the same problems Israel has struggled with: "ISIS is now beginning to hide amongst civilians."

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