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With friends like Webster...
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:45:24 am »
To Webster I say that I do not back nor do I support Donald Trump, however it would be interesting for you explain why you have deserted those "Heroic Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army " as you once called them five plus years ago. The same Syrian Arab Army who are now at this time advancing against Daesh in Homs Province. Yes Webster Homs Syria, the place you claim to be so close to your heart and care about. Only thing is that week after week you don't even give any report on Homs at all, not even 30 seconds time. It is good to know that the citizens of Syria like in Homs have such a reliable and courageous supporter/reporter telling their story there in Homs. Maybe your "ambulance chasing" style of reporting and hosting this program with Donald Trump is debilitating to your intellect and integrity. This obsession with Trump is unhealthy and apparent to long time listeners. This obsession is a big take away from reporting "World" News. Or maybe it would be appropriate to change the program name to "Trump Crisis Radio" Better hurry because I believe that Alex Jones is trying to get a copyright and trademark on that title.


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