Author Topic: I am trying to get this info to katherine and her email is bouncing  (Read 5252 times)


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I had an email that I think is her husbands and I sent this out yesterday, but have heard nothing back:

Sorry to bother you but Katherine's spychips email has been bouncing for 2 weeks now.

I will make this short, but I wanted to get Katherine's take on the latest privacy invasion that I have run across.

The high end vape pipe sold above, did have add copy on the site saying that you the use of the smart phone app was optional. Perhaps that can be found in the way back machine. ( I did find this on the WayBack Machine)

Anyhow the truth of the matter is that the device is a brick without the smart phone app.  You must use it to change temperatures which is critical.

Being forced to use the app is bad enough as I am sure NSA has record of what apps every smart phone users have on their phones.

It get worse. Much worse.
You MUST turn on "location services" in order for their app to establish a bluetooth connection to the device.  ZERO need for  location services, unless you want to spy on people without informed consent!

This is especially egregious since a large  number of this products users are breaking the law in their home state. To require them to turn on location services is way over the top!

I have begin to put pressure on this company but I am sure Katherine has some great ideas.


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