Author Topic: Akex Jones' greatest flaw is his self justifying self made religion  (Read 7918 times)


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Personality-wise the guy is just an immature self absorbed self righteous punk, but he is right about almost everything he says concerning basic politics, economy and military, however once he starts delving off into his own brand of "Christianity" with it's contradictory modern American "god" of 'rebellion', made in Alex' own image, he is actually serving the devil. He always says he is still alive because of his loud voice, but in truth he is still alive because he is a tool of the cabal, he doesn't know it, like atheists and other useful idiots led by their own desires more than the truth of Scripture, he is an unknowing pawn of the devil.

In today's show he again tries to make a distinction between "good" masons and bad masons and "good" illuminati and bad illuminati, he is willfully ignorant that there is no such thing as a "good" freemasonry or a "good" illuminati. When someone tries to reason with him about the Scriptural facts he starts raging and interrupting and calling people "pig demon" which is nearly as spiritually dangerous as the pharisees accusing CHRIST of working from evil.

While I agree with most of his general news points, though he is often quite naive to the true scope and motivations and definitely to how he himself is manipulated and used to serve the bad,  I can't stand his childish spoiled 'only son' personality and in the balances he winds up doing more bad than good because we must remember that the whole battle boils down to a spiritual one and every time a soul is deceived into having false beliefs, that is the true objective of the evil side.

Tl;dr: Alex is willfully ignorant and false about spiritual matters, but with discernment on the part of the listener, he can be useful as a reporter and simplistic analyzer of geopolitical events. However in the balances he comes out more evil than good and needs a good humbling.


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Re: Akex Jones' greatest flaw is his self justifying self made religion
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Apparently he's good at something. Good enough to be one of the most popular, incisive, and entertaining personalities in all media. One reason why he's so damn good at what he does is his tireless dedication. If you have dedication to something you can make a great big giant splash with never-ending waves.


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