Author Topic: Welcome Debbie Nigro Host of The Debbie Nigro Show  (Read 7538 times)


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Welcome Debbie Nigro Host of The Debbie Nigro Show
« on: December 02, 2016, 04:35:02 pm »

The Genesis Communications Network would like to welcome Debbie Nigro Host of The Debbie Nigro Show Starting this Saturday Dec 3, 2016. Debbie Nigro, is radio cocktail when you mix 2 parts tips and 4 parts funny. Debbie Nigro delusionally insists she is Still A Babe and takes her listeners on a wild ride through daily news & relevant content with an attitude that is positively infectious. No One Sees the Glass of Cabernet Half Full Like Debbie! Unique personalities , Celebrating Imperfections, News for Staying Alive, Random Run- Ins, Bucket List Dreams and The Daily Toast! are just a smidgeon of what's typically poured into a show that truly is happy, inspirational, educational and often has listeners on the floor. With Daily Guests from 'The Elite to The Street' Debbie Is 'on it' with timely relevant news, stories and information - and typically ahead of the curve. Like nothing else on radio. You too can stay delusionally young, grab a few cubes of knowledge and enjoy some good old fashioned fun with Debbie Nigro!

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