Author Topic: 1912-2016: THE WORLD ON THE EDGE FOREVER  (Read 3007 times)


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« on: November 02, 2016, 08:05:01 am »
By Jack Mullen, The Government Rag -

 There is now less than a week remaining in America as we know it now.

I don't know what America will be like next year at this time -- but it will not be the same. The election will be the time of great awakening - when traditional European Americans realize, with a jolt, their nation, system of government, culture and way of life has been stolen, including the physical assets of wealth.

It will be after the election when Americans realize no President has had any connection to the direction or control of America since William H. Taft was defeated by election manipulation by the Wilson democrats in 1912.

2016 is a 1912 Rhyme -- After 1912 America changed forever.  Then, like now, most were oblivious as the nation lost a war to invading banking psychopaths; a bloodless war, but a violent war none the less.  The nation was stabbed in the heart, never to recover; Constitutional government ceded to corporate piracy, American assets turned over to banking parasites, a people stripped of Sovereignty and reality gave way to Bread and Circuses.   

The first order of business after the 1912 election was, in this order, WAR, WAR and WAR. The bankers in victory were now funding all sides of any first world conflicts and the Big Business of starting war, and the assault on white built civilization, was fully funded, locked and loaded, and kicked off in earnest in 1914. Not coincidentally, it was just as soon as the new Wilson puppet government was installed and the proper Constitutional Amendments fraudulently added, the wars began.

It took just a few years for the American people to be carefully manipulated, deceived and false flagged into physically getting into the war, already in progress; it all happened just as planned.

After World War One destroyed Germany, the heart of European resistance to the Zionist plan of world domination (with Palestine lost to the Zionists also part of the German loss), the banking parasites set about destroying the American economy and transferring gold assets to global banking cartels.  By 1933 the United States was bankrupt, in receivership, and the plans, already in the works, for the next great Zionist Banker War carried on.

This time World War 2 was needed to completely eradicate the German people, and smash the German nation, while making the necessary arrangements to invade, destroy and permanently occupy Palestine for the Jewish Supremacy now ruling the world.

Again, not coincidentally, the Bolshevik Mass Murdering Gulag State was set loose against the white Russians, as a test run for a civilization under the boot of Communism.

From 1912 on, the upward sloping curve of war-per-year has been rising, hyperbolic - war, war, war.  War is the gift of the banking cartels; punishing the West with exponentially increasing debt in payment for war ever increasing with assets mortgaged to the bankers to be transferred during the final financial implosion.

Now comes 2016. There is no Taft and there is no Presidency, our leaders are chosen, their roles are the positions of actors -- public faces for focusing hatred and disdain, while in the back rooms, the infestation of foreign-alien occupational control continues the agenda and is no doubt already pre-planning any future elections interviewing new puppets for roles of new actor ruler-savior-leaders.

But, there are some indications about where America might go after the Election - there has to be some place to look for hope.

For those of you voting for Clinton, you are giving clear conscience to architects of world destruction -- you are giving mandate to those planning more war, more debt, more asset confiscation and financial slavery.

Voting for Clinton means you are giving Hi-Fives to those planning the end of nation states and the end of distinct cultures, races, and you are condoning white genocide-suicide.

A vote for Clinton is a vote for decadence and cultural decline - a vote for radical change, the end of objectivity and support for the new rule of whim and Caligula style insanity - a lawless, heartless, upside down, lying, mind damaging wasteland.

A vote for Clinton is the green light for the real life (shown as predictive programming in the horrible movies of the same name) PURGE -- When reason will be thrown to the wind, when minorities from around the world will be set loose on the nation and European man becomes surrounded and purged from his homelands wherever they may be.


A vote for Trump is at least a vote of interest and concern for America and the American European culture.

A vote for Trump is at least a gesture of resistance and statement saying "just maybe" there are people remaining in America who believe in borders, who want rule of law, and end of perpetual war for banker enrichment. Perhaps these people are saying lets end the racial and cultural destruction of the "multicultural - diversity" agenda.

At least Americans voting for Trump are willing to mouth the sentence "Lets make America Great Again."

A vote for Trump is a vote for the whimper of life still grasping for light and air.

But, do not be deceived: Trump is not "The One." This matrix is controlled and the choices presented are always pre-picked and vetted carefully.

Trump was not chosen to lead America out of the hole - but rather to offer the bait of a better world, while creating extreme division between people, and stirring deliberately created fires of racial hatred; racial wars with general chaos being the goal, while the controllers "listen" for the call to end the war and, by implication end all races. One world, One Culture, One Race and One Religion.

The New World Order is advertised with the dystopian bent dream envisioning a single people with nothing of distinction, in fact, where distinctness is outlawed, living in a world of peace without then 'terrible' competitive struggle; a state of living death. 

This story has already been story-booked and the artists have created the scenes in-fact, this movie has been shown repeatedly by the Hollywood mind-control reality creators for years.

America and the Western world's hope now lies in those voting for Trump and not settling for the "Trump and Dump." Those so disappointed they are motivated to take action - because when the clamoring Clintonista collectivists, and their banking parasites backers come for your weapons, redefine your language and created prisons of thought control, your life will be suffocated and all of the time to act will have run out.

There is a week remaining in America - as we know it, sure it will not be different next Wednesday - it took a year for the wars to start after 1912, but American was never the same again.


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