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« on: October 03, 2016, 01:26:16 pm »
On September 24th’s show part of the answer to my question was that I
should take gelatin.
If that’s ever recommended to you, go to a store that calls itself a
health food store (I call them fad stores because seldom do they know
the truth about health. However, in some instances they are useful.) If
they don’t have it in bulk like the local store where I live does, they can
order you a five pound bag. Buying bulk or buying a five pound bag keeps the cost of
taking it down.
In my case, I had some in my cupboard that day.
Here’s the reason for my post:
I mixed Beyond Tangy Tangerine nutricrystals, gelatin and drop by drop
of hot water until I had a gum drop and then I sucked on that.


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