Author Topic: 20 Governors proclaim state Blood Donation Days for National Blood Donation Week  (Read 3379 times)


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By: Dr. Daliah, The Dr Daliah Show 

To help combat critical blood shortages being reported by blood banks throughout the United States, nationally syndicated GCN radio host and Las Vegas family physician and assistant professor at Touro University Nevada, Dr. Daliah Wachs is joining forces with American Red Cross, United Blood Services and blood banks throughout the country to create a National Blood Donation Week and individual state blood donation days.  September 4th - 10th, is National Blood Donation Week and many states including Vermont, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, New Mexico, etc. have declared September 10th their state blood donation day.  Michigan's state blood donation day will fall in the same week on September 6th and more are expected to follow.

This all began when Governor Brian Sandoval answered a request to make a Nevada Blood Donation Day.  Its success helped bring in new blood donors and awareness.  With Zika preventing blood donation in parts of the country, the timing for this National Blood Donation Week is crucial.

The list of Governor Proclamations are included here:

For more information on National Blood Donation Week please visit:


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