Author Topic: Esoteric gobbledygook about pain  (Read 5883 times)


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Esoteric gobbledygook about pain
« on: June 29, 2016, 10:34:07 pm »
I'm a chronic pain sufferer. I'm reasonably well informed about the general biology of pain, and I also consider myself a spiritual, even mystical-leaning, person. However, I have to say it was painful to attempt to listen to and understand the gobbledygook and New Age pabulum from the guest (who was plugging a book called "Convergence Healing") this morning about talking to the pain, loving the pain, etc. What the huh?
Pain is a biological phenomenon with biological causes and processes. You don't need to talk to it. You need to remove/reverse its causes.
Perhaps in a small percentage of cases, pain is purely psychic or spiritual in origin but we wouldn't even be able to begin discerning the extent of those causes of pain because we have huge and well-explained, well-understood, but misdiagnosed and untreated, "conventional" causes of pain including many types of injury, infection, toxicity, allergy, and structural problems.
Plum Island/Lyme disease complex alone is infecting 300,000 Americans per year, according to a recently updated CDC estimate. (Officially borne only by deer ticks; unofficially known to be also transmitted by flies, mosquitos, mother-to-child, and between sexual partners.)
That means there are literally millions with this chronic pain-causing parasitic disease complex, in all corners of the U.S. Few have been properly diagnosed , and of those people, even fewer get treated properly because the official doctrine of the CDC and Infectious Disease Society entrench studied ignorance as the standard of diagnosis and care.
There are many more suffering this disease complex worldwide, as apparently, this is a worldwide release.
Until we get a handle in how many of us are infected with this very real disease that causes pain, please let's stop with the mystification and esotericization of what is, in reality, just a disease process that needs to be detected, arrested and cured.

Rather than guests who deliver platitudes about loving your pain, I would ask Joyce to consider bringing on experts who could shed light on the real, known causes and exacerbators of chronic pain, and on the suppressed treatments/cures.
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Re: Esoteric gobbledygook about pain
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2016, 09:48:42 am »
Normally I stay with the show during even the strangest claims but I changed the channel when this guy started in. I hope the pain subsides for you.
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