Author Topic: Scientist Dr. J. Marvin Herndon breaks down harmful effects of CHEMTRAILS on FLO  (Read 7216 times)

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I had the opportunity to conduct a two hour in-depth interview with Dr. J. Marvin Herndon on the harmful effects of CHEMTRAILS and more.

My guest was an apprentice to Hans E. Suess & Harold C. Urey in geochemistry & cosmochemistry at the University of California. These two individuals are regarded as the foremost leaders in their area of science at the time.

Dr. Marvin says many scientist choose to be politically correct without challenging whats wrong in science in order to keep government funding.

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When it came to the subject of chemicals he said that he lives in San Diego and "planes are spraying almost everyday with toxic chemicals."

He also mentioned that "this spraying of chemtrails is done by our government linked with the United Nations."

I asked Dr. Herndon to explain some of the effects of the chemicals being sprayed. He states, "one of the prime metals being sprayed in the atmosphere is aluminum and spraying aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's, autism and so many more harmful health effects. this is inhumane!"

The original air date of this show was january 11, 2015 hour one.  Listen to Hour two <a href="" target="_blank">here.[/url]
[youtube ]


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