Author Topic: Alex, why won't you even MENTION the National Emergency Employment Defense Act?  (Read 5357 times)


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"It's time for Trump to nationalize the Federal Reserve, because it is our financial system, it is tied into all the private banks, and I think it needs to be nationalized post-haste. Do it!" -- Alex Jones, The Alex Jones Show, 3rd hour, 4th segment, October 17, 2018

Gee, it's too bad there isn't already a bill designed to do precisely that.

Oh, wait, actually there is. It's called the National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act.


If the NEED Act were passed and implemented, it would put the private banking interests that created the so-called "Federal" Reserve out of the money-creation business -- and hence out of power.

That bill has been collecting dust in Congress for over seven years now. Yet how many of your listeners even know it exists?

If you're serious about nationalizing the Fed, Alex, you'll start aggressively promoting the NEED Act. If not, you'll continue to make Hillary "Goldman Sachs" Clinton happy by ignoring it -- and thereby continue to be part of the very problem about which you incessantly whine.

The choice is yours.


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