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Reporter shooter
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:55:38 pm »
A lot of folks are of the firm opinion that Vester Flanagan didn't really shoot three people Wednesday morning. They cite "lack of blood", and "lack of muzzle flip" as confirming evidence that this was yet another false flag event. I don't think so.

Unlike the movies, blood doesn't always splatter all over the camera at the instant the gun is fired. The video showed us just a couple seconds after he started firing, and although it's good resolution, we don't see much detail in such a short time span. Check the video again, there's significant kick from the pistol he used.

This guy was just another whacked-out black homosexual Obama supporter. Flanagan (a nice Irish boy) and the three people he shot, are victims of this race-baiting, subversive agenda. It's not a false flag.


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