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New Show Launches with GCN - The Dan Cofall Show
« on: April 29, 2015, 04:09:50 pm »

The Genesis Communications Network is pleased to announce a new program coming to the airwaves, The Dan Cofall Show starting May 4th 2015. 

Money is power and power is politics...seldom is one host so well versed in all three.  These are the strengths of Dan Cofall.  The Dan Cofall Show is not just another talk show.  Dan Cofall passionately reveals the truth about all things economic, power and politics as well as breaking down the worldwide headline topics of the day.

Dan has a unique ability to understand our ever-changing political and regulatory world, and he wants you to understand it, too.  Conservatives, constitutionalists, capitalists, libertarians, patriots, gun owners, returning veterans, tax payers...these and more were once the very core of our country.  Now, the federal government has officially classified these and other Americans as "domestic terrorists" and "enemies of the state".   This is the audience of The Dan Cofall show.  Dan is very proud of that. We believe that we can change hearts and minds and that every journey begins with the next listener.  So welcome to all who wish to preserve our country and our liberties ... Let's start talking. Dan's no-nonsense, irreverent, sometimes cynical but always crystal clear  approach, along with a stable of top-notch national guests, brings simplicity to complex issues.  In fact, this is the trademark of the show "To make the very complex very simple". Dan Cofall will feature top-tier guests and welcomes your phone calls to voice your opinion and to interact with the show. Tune in every weekday from 4pm-6pm central right here on the Genesis Communications Network.

For more information, visit:
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