Author Topic: Terry siblings tell Grassley and radio host of electronics and weapons seizures  (Read 3784 times)


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By Kent Terry,

The brother and sister of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry sent an open letter Monday to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley decrying the lack of accountability and meaningful repercussions for those responsible for Operation Fast and Furious "gunwalking," administration lies, the unsuitability of ATF's new Acting Director Thomas E. Brandon, and outlining previously undisclosed revelations on the seizure of agent Terry's electronic devices and weapons. Kent Terry and Michelle Terry Balogh discussed the letter in depth Monday morning in an exclusive interview on "Lock N Load Radio" with host Bill Frady.

The government's sponsoring of a 2011 Brian Terry memorial service notwithstanding, surviving family members of the slain Border Patrol agent charge the official position appears to be one of limiting the public's memory of what really happened.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Terry was killed by armed criminal aliens who had illegally crossed into the United States. Guns found at his murder scene were traced to a program in which ATF encouraged guns to be smuggled across the Mexican border.

"Since his death in 2010, members of our own government, to include high-ranking members of federal law enforcement agencies have colluded in efforts to cover their criminal involvement by hiding the truth from the American people," the siblings charged. "As of the writing of this letter, no member of any government agency has been formally admonished or held criminally liable for what has been one of many recent criminal scandals against the citizenry of this great nation.

New revelations discussed in the letter and on the program include curiously-timed government actions that occurred after the family approached since-resigned and reprimanded U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke. The actions followed Terry's father notifying Burke that "Brian had sent three emails to the union over concerns that were not regarding 'standard' USBP issues.

"It was then that federal agents made entry into Brian's home, seizing his personal electronics and personally-owned weapons without warning or permission," the letter to Grassley reports. "The electronic devices were returned to our family, wiped clean of any data and Brian's personal handguns have still not been returned to this day. Brian's personal cell phone, although, 'Undiscovered' by investigators, remained active for over a year. We still have not been provided the warrant, legal writ, or any other associated documentation as to why Brian's house was searched and his personal belongings taken and altered against our wishes."

These revelations, along with corroboration of further stonewalling on the part of those in charge further illustrate the deliberate indifference with which the administration has treated Fast and Furious, with contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General Eric Holder still being pursued in the courts. Surviving family members, Congressional investigators, and the public have been denied what should be the government's primary concern, getting to the bottom of official misdeeds, holding those who committed them accountable, and ensuring safeguards are in place to similar future operations.

"Whenever you lose a loved one to violence, you never get closure," host Frady noted in his introduction to the Terry siblings interview, beginning at around 1:24 into the above embedded video record of the interview. "But you can find answers, you want to find answers, you at least want to know."

Whether Sen. Grassley and the Judiciary Committee will seek more answers, and whether the House Oversight Committee will also redouble its efforts, remains to be seen. Realistically, whether today's letter is even publicly acknowledged will probably depend in large part on the media treating it as newsworthy, and in others joining Terry family survivors in demanding truthful answers and appropriate actions.


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