Author Topic: Carol Moseley Braun Warns Consumers:Organically Grown Does Not Mean Biodynamical  (Read 6857 times)


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Carol Moseley Braun Warns Consumers: Organically Grown Does Not Mean Biodynamically Grown

by American sociobiologist, Rebecca D. Costa

As prices decline, organic foods are on the rise in popularity and availability around the world. But do consumers make a leap when they assume organically grown means sustainable methods were used?  Former United States Senator, Carol Moseley Braun, says yes.  Speaking on The Costa Report, Moseley explained why looking for the biodynamically grown label is as important as choosing organic.

According to Braun, biodynamic farming is "a system of agriculture that enhances the soil, relies on companion planting, and putting nutrients back into the soil." She worries that many consumers believe the "organic" label is the gold standard for healthy eating, even though "organic" does not indicate whether the long-term viability of the soil was considered.

Thankfully, there's now an easy way to tell whether sustainable farming methods were used.  DEMETER Association, Inc. – a non-profit organization which certifies biodynamic farms and products – now offers a DEMETER consumer label. According to the organization's website, the goal of biodynamic practices is "to create a farm system that is minimally dependant on imported materials, and instead meets its needs from the living dynamics of the farm itself." Farms certified by DEMETER achieve this by using natural methods such as crop rotation, composting, and other techniques which ensure healthy soil for generations to come.

Braun said that she is now in the midst of her "fourth career," having taken up the cause of biodynamic farming. She founded Ambassador Organics, a distributor of biodynamic teas and coffees, and is an advocate for changing the way Americans select and consume natural foods – including low-income families. "Every person who eats is empowered," she says, "because every person makes a decision…whether or not you're going to choose a polluted product or clean food." And now the DEMETER label makes it possible for consumers to choose products which were responsibly produced.

To hear the full interview with Carol Moseley Braun, visit here.


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